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How should you wash and dry expensive bras? Help?!?

Sorry for this being so long!

I am wanting to buy some bras from victorias secret. The seamless kind with the gel in them. Every thing I read says you should hand wash them or else they get ruined. Well I have the problem I can not let my dad see my bras and I can only put my clothes in the wash quick then put them in the dryer. It's not like I can wash them in a sink and then hang them up under a fan or any thing.

Would the bras be ok in the washing machine on extra delicate cycle? Or if I put them in a pillow case?

Or, once the washing machine fills up, do you think I could hand wash them that way? I use tide and downy and I can't buy any thing special. I do not know how to hand wash. How do you suggest I do it, if I should do it this way? I sweat a lot in sports and I want to make sure they actually get clean.

Would the bras be ok in the dryer if dried on low? I might be able to hang them up in my room but it might be difficult. If I hang them up to dry, how long do you think it would take for them to completely dry? My room is dry but there is no air flowing through. It is also very cold out already and opening windows right now wouldn't be an option.

Sorry if this seems confusing but I never had this type of bra before. The last victoria secret bra (that was given to me) I put it in the wash and it snapped and I don't want these ones to break, especially if they have gel in them...


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    You ar correct. The only accurate way to was them is hand washing them. A good idea would be to fill up your sink in the bathroom with as warm of water as you can stand to put your hands in. And ut a capful of tide n there with it. Do this while you are in the shower one night. That way no one sees it because u r n the bathroom with the door locked. Let the bra soak while you shower then when you get out just kind of swish it around a little and scrub the "sweatiest" areas well with your hands and then rise it with cold water. When you get back to your room either hang it over a chair as close to the heat vent as you can get it or lay it on a towel as close to a vent. A chair would be better if possible. (make sure to ring the excess water out over the sink in the bathroom first)....the bra should dry over night no problem

    good luck.

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