This isn't so much a dream interpretation request, but rather my current inability to recall dreams. It's been that way for years, and I have dreams all the time... well... a few a month. When I have them they are incredibly vivid and life like, and generally really long and complex, albeit kinda weird and otherworldly (they are dreams after all) they're in color and generally I'm watching myself from a third person perspective. It's rare when I'm in a first person perspective. What happens exactly I remember for a brief second while waking, during that momentary zombie mode, but when full consciousness makes its way in, I rarely remember and when I do, it's minuscule bits and pieces. Anyone know of any good methods to recall dreams.


I'll try writing them down... but I don't drink all that much milk or eat that much cheese.

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    People have between 5-10 dreams each night, and they happen in the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) state of sleep. There are many things you can do to remember your dreams. Here are a few:

    - When you go to bed, believe that you are going to remember your dreams, This may take a few nights to work that message into your self-conciousness but trust me it will work.

    - Relax when you go to bed....don't expect to remember anything if you are stressed and worked up

    - Eat something smallish before you go to bed. Just enough that will keep your mind "alive" while unconcious

    - Make sure you don't have to make a bathroom trip in the middle of the night. That will disturb your sleeping pattern and potentually wreck the chance of remembering your dreams.

    I hope these help. I am taking a course on dreams, and had to use these to help myself remember the small detales in my dreams, which work like a charm.

    Good luck!

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    Its been the same for me for years. I can't remember a time when dreams weren't complex or life like. I know a few people say they can't taste things, smell, see things in colour or are even aware they are dreaming- but surely there are a lot of people like that?

    Anyway I suggest a dream journal. As soon as you get up make an effort to grab your notebook and write. The memory fades quickly but its worth it :3 good material.

    Either that or wake yourself purposely in the night- you'll recall things better that way by interruption.

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    You only remember dreams you wake up during. If you can...try to process the dream as you are waking up. You need to convert it from your working memory into your short-term and long-term memory in order to be able to remember. In short...think about it as much as possible!

  • Anonymous
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    DO you get up early every morning? Is it by a loud ringing? If so, thats your problem. If you Let youself sleep and wake up by itself without any stress or worries youll remember you dreams perfectly.

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  • 1 decade ago

    that used to happen to me all the time

    when i woke up i would be crying

    i would know for a second then it would disappear

    sometimes if i think hard enough about different things it comes back

    i woke up crying later that day i remembered that my dream was about my dog dying

    so basically my advice to you is to think of a wide varitey of things during the day

    it comes back to you.

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    right the down when u wake up, uh i heard cheese and milk gives u more vivid dreems befor you sleep. it wil,l come with practise my friend good luck and peace.

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