job fustrations, dont listen if you are just going to put me down?

After going through so many job applications and surveys and suchy such... I have a pretty good idea of how to answer theses things. Questions like: It is okay for an employee to steal if it is an inexpensive item- Strongy agree, agree, disagree, strongy disagree.

Do people really answer these things wrong??? And theres so many questions about your personality, and your mind, and how you think things should be handled. I understand what kind of dependable, mentally stable people they want working for them but.... lets just say someone who is depressed, abused as a child, low self confidence, not a leader, not very good social skills... etc.. lets say they need a job to... feed their child or pay their car payments. How will they get a job?? Should they lie and select the answers they know employers want to hear? Does anybody else see what I'm saying? The majority of 'people' that are seeking jobs, are trying to pay bills, may have mental issues, other problems, high stress, bla bla bla.... does that mean these people shouldn't be able to get a job??? i guess i'm just blabbing. I just feel like... my situation of not having a job for 3 months now is depressing me. I am smart and answer things perfectly. I don't have a degree, but i have a car payment that i can't pay. and a phone. and theres other things i need like shampoo and toothbrush. Also i had hpv and need to continue my dr appts to follow up but i can't afford it, and have no health insurance. How in the world are people supposed to support themselves if they possibly have problems that can prevent them from finding a job...?

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    I know where you are coming from. Now a days, all applications are online, they are no longer paper applications. They make you take these stupid integrity tests, asking you more ""unlikely, very unlikely, likely, extremely likely" questions than they asked you personal information!

    The previous answerers are uneducated and obviously ignorant of the way things are. I worked for a Fortune 500 company (I will not say who it was) and they give this psychological screening to EVERY employee that walks through the door. Companies like Verizon, Sprint, and other huge companies also give these tests. They use it to weed out the people they don't want. These are not grocery stores, they are good paying jobs. Careers.

    When looking for a job, I can understand how you will grow SICK of these stupid tests because almost everyone does it now. I understand how you can spend over an hour answering some questions just to never receive a call for an interview.

    You know, HPV goes away after time.

    And, if you have no health insurance and from what you said, it sounds like you are struggling financially. Go to your Board of Social Services agency tomorrow and apply for cash assistance, health insurance, food stamps, etc. They can even help you with your rent!!! There is NOTHING wrong with this. Even if they only give you $100 in food stamps every month, every little bit counts!!!

    I get FREE health insurance for myself, my kids, husband. We don't pay for ANYTHING, free copays, free prescriptions, unlimited doctors visits, free ObGyn visits, free pediatrician visits, free lab tests and dentist visits, etc. Because I am such low income. I was not always in this situation, life just sometimes throws you for a loop. Ya know?

    I would strongly suggest you go there tomorrow, just get online and find out where you County's Board of Social Services is. Please go so I don't go to sleep wondering if you were okay!!! They will definately help you.

    In the meantime, consider going to the unemployment office. They have a division called the One Stop Shop, where if you are unemployed you can get up to $4000 in a grant to help you get training in any career that is in demand. I don't know your background but there are programs that are like a year, such as nursing (LPN or CNA) that take a year or less. They will pay for it, you will soon be making enough money and you will never find yourself in this situation again.

    I have been unemployed since March, I lost my job and CANNOT find a job. I am currently collecting unemployment, but it will be ending soon. I have even tried grocery stores, retail, customer service, telemarketing, etc and they won't give me an interview! WTF!!!

    But I am going to college now, and although I am struggling, I will soon have an education. I am going into Nursing, it only takes a year and when I graduate I will be making ATLEAST $18/hour. Probably closer to $20/hour. You should consider this. You could get health insurance if you work at the hospital :)

    I wish you the best of luck, please feel free to email me anytime. I also love to complain about things and I would be more than happy to listen!

    Source(s): Also can't find a job, struggling to pay bills, can't afford to buy my kids milk to eat their cereal, can't afford to get gas to drive to college. But I am GONNA make it!!! I will NOT give up!!
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    Well, My sister goes through the same thing...she started small and just got a job at a dog walking place she made little money but it helped. Then she got bigger and started working at a tanning salon but she worked there for a while and kept getting promoted she started to make more money and she could afford her car and food. Sometimes even go shopping for stuff for fun. You can make up stuff about you on an application whatever they want for the job. If you are in school still say you are open to work any days and then when you start working you tell them you need the days off. After you get a few little jobs like that you can go to college and get a degree and get a big job that you enjoy that can pay for a lot. If you cant afford college yet community college is cheaper...i really hope this helps i know what your going through. :))

    Source(s): Family :)
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    I know the kind of test you're talking about because I recently completed one as part of the application process at a large hospital.

    I currently work at a hospital as a patient care tech and have a few years experience in that field. I also have a bachelor's degree in behavioral science which I feel gives me a slight advantage when taking these sorts of tests. Because I've studied various types of psychological testing.

    A woman I currently work with also completed an application and was told she failed the test! But I passed the test.

    I was with this woman when she took the online test. I guess she thought I would help her answer the questions. Well, as you know there are no correct answers. But there is such a thing as an accumulation of answers which are considered undesirable, as you already know.

    My observation was that this woman's answers to the questions were not consistant.

    - The tests usually have two questions that are basically asking the same thing but with different wording. For example...

    "I enjoy reading difficult material" ...strongly agree, agree, Disagree, ...

    "I avoid reading difficult material" ...strongly agree, Agree, disagree, ...

    These types questions about reading difficult material were on the test I took. For me I really do enjoy reading difficult (challenging) things and indicated it on my answers. My co-worker answered that she doesn't like these kinds of things. I believe that her answers on these questions were points against her. Indicating that she doesn't like a challenge. And from what I've seen she is kind of lazy on the job.

    So my point is if you want to get a job that requires the kinds of testing that you mentioned you've got to answer the way they want. Which is not necessarily the way You think they want. Stealing small inexpensive things from the job is not acceptable (to the employer), and the answer to "some boss's just like having control over people" is disagree. If you answer strongly disagree to this kind of question you might get flagged for trying to beat the test...meaning trying to give answers that they want to see.

    Yes, these tests are confusing! And yes I'm guilty of stealing small things at the job and I do think that some boss's are control freaks! heh!

    Sweetie, it sounds like you need to get yourself together. Which I know is really hard to do without a JOB! At this point the only thing I think you could do is try your best to have a POSITIVE ATTITUDE. Or at least do your best to give the appearance of being positive.

    I do know how hard these things can be. I've been through it. I went through "faking" at being a happy, cheerful, positive person just to get a darn job with good health insurance and decent pay!

    You just got to try and overcome the negative thinking. And for now, try to look for jobs that don't require the kind of testing you've mentioned. Because you don't need to set yourself up for failure. It will just bring you down even more.

    Things can only get better! Good Luck!

    Source(s): personal experience
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    We wounder why it recommended to have 6 mounts of living expensive set a side for this kind of situation. People don't seem to have any concern with spending everything they earn and more. Making babies they have no way to support and buying new cars on payments they can hardly afford when working.

    Just having the need of a job "because" has nothing to do with any thing. A job is selling your time or labor for a price and that buyer (employer) whats to get the best for the price just as you what to get the best price on what you buy.

    There are many ways to support yourself, which is what you should be worried about not what others need or want.

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    not EVERY job that people apply for asks those questions. the only jobs that really REQUIRE those surveys (basically) are fast food restaraunts and other restraunts like pizza hut and arby's mcdonald's burger king... and so on.

    but as for youre situation, i would say to go to a plaza and KEEP applying at a bunch of stores. if youre 18 it shouldn't be a problem to find a job at a pharmacy, drug store, waitress. and don't forget to dress up and go directly to the manager of each place you are applying at. if you look presentable and ask talk to the manager and tell him that you are looking for a full time job at any time, (s)he will most likely want to have a worker who will be there at ANY time. if not why not try bartending or dishwashing. you only have to be 18 to bartend since 18 is the legal age to sell alcohol, and if youre a pretty girl people would love to have a hot bartender lol. also why nto try applying at a clothing store or a hat store like lids where you can sell things, if you tell the manager that you are good with people and get along well with strangers they would love to have a great new sales person!! try these things out and email me with your results!! i'd love to know how everything has worked out for you!!!!

    anymore Q's? just ask i'd be happy to answer for ya!


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    Yes you are blabbing and of course your supposed to lie on those tests. I think part of it is are you stupid enough to say you would steal on a job test, if your that dumb they dont want you wroking for them. I think its more a screening out of idiots than it is testing peoples integreity.

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    Most employers don't give those goofy tests to potential employees. Keep looking.

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    erm to be honest its wrong to steal no matter how cheap or expensive something is yh if you did you may steal a cheap item but then it will gradually lead upto more items which become more expensive and people then believe its okayy to steal which is totally wrong

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