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What in God's name is wrong with Soulja Boy saying such ignorance?

Some time ago conservative pundit and author Pat Buchanan was roundly and correctly criticized for saying that black Americans who are descendants of slaves, should be thankful that their ancestors were sold into a life of bondage, torture and oppression.

Buchanan's belief presumes that the only way that blacks would have found a way to America would have been on a slave ship and that the slave thing was a net benefit to many of us.

Apparently, Souljah Boy believes the same thing. According to Toure via 'The Daily Beast' website:

Then came Soulja Boy Tell Em. I asked him, "What historical figure do you most hate?" He was stumped. I said, "Others have said Hitler, bin Laden, the slave masters ..." He said, "Oh wait! Hold up! Shout out to the slave masters! Without them we'd still be in Africa."

My jaw, at this point, was on the ground."We wouldn't be here," he continued, having no idea how far in it he'd stepped, "to get this ice and tattoos."

Ice and tattoos.

What to say?

I am wondering if that is the most ignorant comment I've ever heard. Maybe not it ... but close.

Seriously, I'm betting that some agree with Souljah Boy's assessment of slavery's impact on the black community. I, on the other hand, always consider what Africa might have looked like if millions of our ancestors had not been dragged from the continent.


I agree, he amuses me too, in a much disturbing way.

Update 2:

Bless your heart Mzzzzzzzzzzzzz, you clearly miss the whole principle. Go back & read the ? & then read your answer. If it still doesn't stick , repeat the process till it does.

Update 3:

I understand he's a kid , but it's no excuse.

Update 4:

We don't have to take him down. We don't even hsve to try. He'll take himself down. & uinfortunately be replaced by something far worse. The cycle is viscious.

Update 5:

No matter what, I am not thankful. Cuz I know we were'nt held captives for the sake of preserving the black race.I understand how today It's easy for us to accept how we got over here cuz we are not going through nearly as half of the treatment my our ancestors recieved. & no I'm not talking back to Africa despite it's conditions.

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    Mzzzzzz, what you don't get is that these slaves were forced to come to America. You don't know how they lived during those times. There probabaly wasn't all this famine and poverty when they were forced to come to the New World. I will go as far and say that the reason why Africa is in the state it is today is because...

    1) The exposure Europeans gave to people when they moved around all over the world. Diseases were spread around when the Europeans moved to other areas of the world.

    2) When Europeans settled in Africa, THEY decided to divide lands to what best suited them. Tribes had already carved out their territories before Europeans came. When Europeans came, many tribes were displaces or forced out.

    3) There's still conflicts going on in Africa (or have recently ended) because of what the European imperalists did there. Rwanda, Congo, Somalia are few of the examples.

    Maybe those people that were forced out of their homes enjoyed what they had there. It may not be best for all of us, but home is home no matter what. Soulja Boy's comments are very ignorant. I know 14 year olds that understand the struggles these slaves had to endure more than Soulja Boy. He needs to apologize for these comments, and consider enrolling himself in some history classes.

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    Heads up, most rappers and the general public who listens to them are known to be extremely ignorant. However, a lot of Blacks today are being racist to whites and nothing is done. They do this to get back at the whites for slavery. 1) That was a long time ago, don't hold the current generation responsible. 2) Soulijah boy is right about the Africa part. Chances are, they still might have been in Africa. But the ice and tatoos part, omg....

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    I know it sounds bad what Soulja Boy said, but do you really want to live in a Third World Country with poverty, disease and starvation, which are problems that plague many West African nations (some more than others). Atleast in the U.S., you wouldn't have these problems (well, on as big of a scale as most of West Africa)

    I'm not saying that it was right for them to enslave our ancestors but you should be happy that you live in a great country like America, because for probably wouldn't be on a computer right now or enjoy things you take for granted like television and being guaranteed a decent sized meal and nutrition and a roof over your head that isn't made of tin and have holes in it.

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    what a dumbass i bought every black man i know a cotton plant and said i'll pick all the cotton you grow the whole block was laughing when they saw my boy shocka standing outside saying thats right boy pick my cotton

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    Hes too popular so theres no way to take him down. I totally agree, he is not a good artist.

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    Snickerz: Did God leave you a MySpace comment, and tell you that? How in the hell do you know what God finds amusing?

    Isn't blasphemy a do you say....SIN?

  • He's retarded. If he had real friends one of them would tape his azz speakin and then say, dude Im gonna lock you in a room with this tape until you see how stupid you come off.

    Source(s): As for all these people agreeing with him, if Europeans hadn't gone to Africa and started messing with things, they wouldn't have the problems they have. Europeans brought AIDS to Africa and they weren't starving either. Our desire for that pretty "ICE" is what is killing people in Darfur. Ignorance astounds me.
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    lol i read that before on datpiff right? any ways soulja boy is a lil kid, he doesnt know any better. hes still wack as fuc though.

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    shoulder dance boy is a homo who is ignorent, dum, and as much of a commodity as vannila ice

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    the only reason god doesn't erase soulja boy from the face of the earth

    is because he amuses him somehow

    Source(s): yea someone brought this up yesterday...
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