Why do online typing tests use random words/letters?

It just seems to make it a lot harder...and then when you have a word that repeats itself - it seems too un-natural...


And why do they prohibet backspace? I mean like I use backspace without thinking about it so then I inevitably get 1 letter off and fail the rest of the words...

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  • 1 decade ago
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    it tests your true knowledge of the keyboard and your typing skills by simulating typing words with which you are not familiar. it is very easy for people to memorize patterns on the keyboard that are used frequently, but good typists can rattle-off basically any letter combination when necessary.

    the prohibited backspace keeps you from fixing errors...good typists dont make errors (not that i am a good typist myself, i hate the process)

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    Well, typing tests, will be for teaching you how to type fast and correct.

    And they might made them so you cant use backspace because its easier, this way the software will automatically detect the word that was written wrong, this way it wont record the bad words that you wrote and then tell you how many mistakes did you do.

    But i have here a link that will give you a test where you can rewrite a word, (use backspace), and at the end it will tell you about how many mistakes did you do.

    They use random letters because, their intention is to make you write a sentence, or word, correctly, in whatever language it will be , or whatever the sentence will be. WE have to concentrate on the word, and write it as it is, like when talking about a document that you get on a paper and have to write it on the computer, it might be in German, so you will be like what does this mean, well, your gonna write the word as it is, same here, you can analyze the word later after finishing the project.

    These hard tests are made for people to practice typing so they write without errors:).

    here is the link to a typing test:


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