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.I have been diagnosed Bipolar 2 and Cyclothymiacs. I was somewhat stable with klonopin for 6 years,?

I feel best when I take xanax.

The main problem that I'm not in the states and it's hard to get Benzo at where I live now.

One doctor suggested Lamictal as a substitution to benzo.


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    If you have had bipolar for over six years and you are stable on klonpin and/or xanax, then why in the world would you change medications.

    As you know, medications are different in each and every individual and you have to trial and error for months if not years to be able to find a med that will be right for you.

    My son has bipolar and klonopin and xanax have never been suggested to treat his bipolar but as I said above, everyone is different.

    I was prescribed, however, klonopin and xanax for my depression/stress/anxiety caused as a result of my son being bipolar and having extreme periods of mania.

    My son was put on lamictal and subsequent thereafter seroquel. Those two drugs in combination caused him to have a pure manic episode which crossed over to psychosis. Lamictal also has a deadly rash as a side effect and you have to ramp up on lamictal taking six weeks or more to get on the right dosage.

    I am not a doctor but my experience with bipolar is extensive.

    My philosophy in life is "If it aint broke, dont fix it".

    Lamictal is one of the bipolar medications that has the least amount of side effects and my son never complained on that medication like he complains about all the rest starting from abilify and ending with zyprexa.

    You also say SOMEWHAT stable. Does that mean you are not completely stable? You know lamictal might just be the right drug for you and will get you completely stable. I heard that it is very effective for rapid cycling and cyclothmiac bipolars.

    These are all decisions that you should make in conjunction with your pdoc. I am only telling you my life experiences.

    In any event, good luck and I wish you the very best.

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    i have bipolar to.lamictal is not a benzo,so you will not get the affect of clonopin or zanax.lamictal helps but not for all of us.i know this is not the best advice but you can order your med. on the internet i have.hope this helps.

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