How do u think about Laser Mouse?

I want to buy a mouse recently.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Laser mice, such as the Logitech G5, G7, or if you want the best, the G9, are incredibly good mice...if you want precision gaming. If you want to play games and want the benefit of more precise control, it is definitely worth it. The extra buttons which you can assign to gaming commands are really handy too. However, if you don't want to game, or don't require precise movements for any reason, don't waste your money.

    However, the G5 is fairly cheap now, and it has small weights to put into it to control the mass of the mouse for increased precision. I have a G5 and I love it.

    N.B. The laser mouse IS a laser. These silly fools do not realise that the optical mouse and the laser mouse are both very different.

    Source(s): I own a laser mouse, and I am very interested in getting a G9.
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    1 decade ago

    Yeah its good to buy a laser mouse.They're much more use full these day's than old fashion mouses.Try buying a logitech laser mouse.They're extremely good for any tipes of work.

    P.S.It's the creators wrong to type laser mouse cause they're actualy not!

  • 1 decade ago

    It's an optical mouse.

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