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福佳佳 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

Moral luxury 該怎麼解釋?


...its moral luxury is the overlooked element in the pacifist stance

moral luxury 要怎麼翻譯呢?

還有 moral delicacy 是翻成 "道德考量"嗎?

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  • Wen
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    1 decade ago
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    在原文中, “moral luxury”意指:和平主義者反對戰爭,但其“非戰主張”的權利、自由,卻是靠著一個國家的武力來捍衛的。因此在文中稱之為“道德奢侈”。

    “moral delicacy”翻為“道德考量“,我認為見仁見智,並無不可。但個人感覺中,原文的“delicacy”一詞超越了“考量 (care、regard、consideration... )”的涵意,而更傾向於道德上的 “ sensitivity”,因此我將其翻成“道德敏感”。

    WHAT DO WE OWE TO OUR COUNTRY, and can we allow our moral delicacy to decide that? One often overlooked element in the pacifist stance is its moral luxury- the fact that it is made possible, and protected, only by the willingness of others to use force.

    我們對國家應盡的義務為何?對此, 我們能讓一己之(道德敏感)來決定嗎?和平非戰的主張中,一個常被忽略的元素為其(道德上的奢侈)- 不容否認,只有在旁人願意使用武力的條件下,非戰者的主張才有其可能,也才受到保護。

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