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    Avril Lavigne艾薇兒 - Complicated

    Avril Lavigne艾薇兒 - Tomorrow

    Avril Lavigne艾薇兒 - Things I'll Never Say

    Avril Lavigne艾薇兒 - My World

    Avril Lavigne艾薇兒 - Take Me Away

    Avril Lavigne艾薇兒 - Together

    Avril Lavigne艾薇兒 - He Wasn't

    Avril Lavigne艾薇兒 - Nobody's Home

    Avril Lavigne艾薇兒 - Forgotten

    Avril Lavigne艾薇兒 - Who Knows

    Avril Lavigne艾薇兒 - Fall to Pieces

    Avril Lavigne艾薇兒 - Freak Out

    Avril Lavigne艾薇兒 - Slipped Away

    Avril Lavigne艾薇兒 - Runaway

    Avril Lavigne艾薇兒 - Everything Back But You

    Avril Lavigne艾薇兒 - Hot

    Avril Lavigne艾薇兒 - Innocence

    Avril Lavigne艾薇兒 - Contagious

    Avril Lavigne艾薇兒 - Keep Holding On (電影''龍騎士''片尾曲)

    Coldplay酷玩樂團 - Yellow

    Coldplay酷玩樂團 - Violet Hill

    Coldplay酷玩樂團 - Viva la Vida

    Daughtry道奇樂團 - Used To

    Daughtry道奇樂團 - Home

    Daughtry道奇樂團 - Over You

    Daughtry道奇樂團 - Breakdown

    Daughtry道奇樂團 - Gone

    Daughtry道奇樂團 - What About Now

    Eagles老鷹合唱團 - Desperado

    Fall Out Boy打倒男孩樂團 - Golden

    Fall Out Boy打倒男孩樂團 - Sending Postcards from a Plane Crash (Wish You Were Here)

    Green Day 年輕歲月合唱團 - Wake Me Up When September Ends

    Jonas Brothers強納斯兄弟 - When You Look Me In The EyesJonas

    Jonas Brothers強納斯兄弟 - Still In Love With You

    Jonas Brothers強納斯兄弟 - That's Just the Way We roll

    Linkin Park聯合公園 - Breaking The Habit

    Linkin Park聯合公園 - Numb

    Linkin Park聯合公園 - What I've Done

    Linkin Park聯合公園 - Leave Out All The Rest

    Linkin Park聯合公園 - Bleed It Out

    Linkin Park聯合公園 - No More Sorrow

    Linkin Park聯合公園 - Faint

    Linkin Park聯合公園 - In The End

    Linkin Park聯合公園 - Somewhere I Belong

    Maroon 5 魔力紅 - Makes Me Wonder

    Maroon 5 魔力紅 - Wake Up Call

    Maroon 5 魔力紅 - This Love

    Maroon 5 魔力紅 - She Will Be Loved

    McFLY小飛俠 - Transylvania

    McFLY小飛俠 - Star Girl

    McFLY小飛俠 - All About You

    McFLY小飛俠 - Just My Luck

    McFLY小飛俠 - That Girl

    McFLY小飛俠 - Obviously

    Miley Cyrus麥莉 - 7 Things

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    My Chemical Romance我的另類羅曼史 - Dead!

    My Chemical Romance我的另類羅曼史 - The Sharpest Lives

    My Chemical Romance我的另類羅曼史 - I Don't Love You

    My Chemical Romance我的另類羅曼史 - Cancer

    My Chemical Romance我的另類羅曼史 - Teenagers

    My Chemical Romance我的另類羅曼史 - Disenchanted

    My Chemical Romance我的另類羅曼史 - Famous Last Words

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    OneRepublic共和世代 - Apologize

    OneRepublic共和世代 - Say (All I Need)

    OneRepublic共和世代 - Stop And Stare

    Queen皇后合唱團 - Let Me Live

    Queen皇后合唱團 - I Was Born To Love You

    Queen皇后合唱團 - We Are the Champions

    Revolverheld槍砲英雄樂團 - Ich werd’ die Welt verandern

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    Rogue Wave洛格潮浪樂團 - Crush The Camera

    Rogue Wave洛格潮浪樂團 - Every Moment

    Rogue Wave洛格潮浪樂團 - Publish My Love

    Rogue Wave洛格潮浪樂團 - Eyes

    Rogue Wave洛格潮浪樂團 - Kicking The Heart Out

    Rogue Wave洛格潮浪樂團 - Are You on My Side

    Rogue Wave洛格潮浪樂團 - Like I Needed

    Rogue Wave洛格潮浪樂團 - Chicago X 12

    Rogue Wave洛格潮浪樂團 - Lake Michigan

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    Rooster搖滾雞洛斯特樂團 - Come Get Some

    Rooster搖滾雞洛斯特樂團 - Staring At The Sun

    Rooster搖滾雞洛斯特樂團 - Deep And Meaningless

    Rooster搖滾雞洛斯特樂團 - Angels Calling

    Rooster搖滾雞洛斯特樂團 - To Die For

    Simple plan簡單計畫合唱團 - Happy Together (電影''辣媽辣妹''主題曲)

    Simple plan簡單計畫合唱團 - Vacation

    Simple plan簡單計畫合唱團 - I'd Do Anything

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    Simple plan簡單計畫合唱團 - I'm Just A Kid

    Simple plan簡單計畫合唱團 - Meet You There

    Simple plan簡單計畫合唱團 - One

    Simple plan簡單計畫合唱團 - Addicted

    Simple plan簡單計畫合唱團 - My Alien

    Simple plan簡單計畫合唱團 - I Won't Be There

    Simple plan簡單計畫合唱團 - Grow Up

    Simple plan簡單計畫合唱團 - Shut Up!

    Simple plan簡單計畫合唱團 - Welcome To My Life

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    Simple plan簡單計畫合唱團 - Perfect World

    Simple plan簡單計畫合唱團 - Crazy

    Simple plan簡單計畫合唱團 - Everytime

    Simple plan簡單計畫合唱團 - [Untitled]

    Simple plan簡單計畫合唱團 - When I'm Gone

    Simple plan簡單計畫合唱團 - The End

    Simple plan簡單計畫合唱團 - Your Love Is A Lie

    Simple plan簡單計畫合唱團 - I Can Wait Forever

    Simple plan簡單計畫合唱團 - Holding On

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    The Academy Is...得獎者是... - Down And Out

    The Academy Is...得獎者是... - Everything We Had (電影''PS.我愛你''插曲)

    The Academy Is...得獎者是... - About A Girl

    The Academy Is...得獎者是... - Summer Hair = Forever Young

    The Click Five五次方樂團 - Jenny

    The Click Five五次方樂團 - Catch Your Wave

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    christina vidal-take me away

    alanis morissette-you oughta know

    My Bloody Valentine-Loveless

    Groove Coverage - CHICK PARTY

    Groove Coverage - Last Unicorn

    Zorotl - I Wanna Be

    mcfly-i’ve got you

    mcfly-too close for comfort

    Doors Down:

    Be Like That

       Down Poison


       So I Need You

       Away From The Sun

       Here Without you

       When I'm Gone

       The Road I'm On

       Ticket To Heaven

       Behind Those Eyes

    Arctic Monkeys:

    Leave Before The Lights Come On

       The View From The Afternoon

       When The Sun Goes Down

    Blink 182:

    All The Small Things

       Everytime I Look For You (American Pie 2 Soundtrack)

       I Miss You


    Song 2

       Country Sad Ballad Man



       The Universal

       Magic America

       There's No Other Way


    What I Go To School For

        Year 3000

    Fall Out Boy:

    Love Will Tear Us Apart

       The Take Over, The Break's Over

       This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race

       Thnks Fr Th Mmrs

       Yule Shoot Your Eye Out

       Grand Theft Autumn (Where Is Your Boy)

       Growing Up

    Foo Fighters:Best Of You

    Franz Ferdinand:

    Do You Want To

       Evil And A Heathen

       Fabulously Lazy

       Love And Destroy

    Gorillaz:Feel Good Inc.

    Green Day:

    King For A Day

       Basket Case

       Brain Stew

       Hitchin' A Ride



       Welcome To Paradise


       American Idiot

       Boulevard Of Broken Dreams


       Jesus Of Suburbia

       St. Jimmy

       Wake Me Up When September Ends

       Are We The Waiting

       Extraordinary Girl

       Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)

       The Saints Are Coming (feat. U2)

    Hinder:Lips Of An Angel

       Homecoming Queen

       Better Than Me


       By The Way

    Hoobastank:Crawling In The Dark

       Remember Me

       Running Away

       Out Of Control

       The Reason

       To Be With You

    Keane:Your Eyes Open

       Crystal Ball

       Hamburg Song

       It Any Wonder

       Nothing In My Way

       Put It Behind You


    You And Me




       Hanging By A Moment

       Somewhere In Between




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