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    From the passionate South America - The diversity of styles of the painters in New York

    South America from Venezuela's Roxa, foreigners came to the United States, there is a great painting in turn, created a rich and varied style. At the same time, she thought the fine, in the paintings on a very delicate brushwork, strong personal characteristics, her things in the United States have an opportunity to continue to make new work.* You know that from South America, South America, from passionate to the diverse New York, we could talk about the experience, as well as the creation of this change?

    In high school I went to the East Coast of the United States, in the Boston and Maine to complete high school and university education, living and working in New York for a year, but this year the New York experience for me, it is very dark in the city Museum of Art gift sector as well as assistants, for me it is monotonous and boring. But I do not know who is not in a bad situation, the more indistinct and the environment, the more able to stimulate their own potential, so let monotonous life I began to pick up the brush, I remember the year 1985.

    I work on their own characteristics, in fact, most are mainly style realism, in particular that I have to leave New York after the sun came to California, attracted by the scenery in the West Bank in order to get down to the landscape as its theme, after the open 20-year realism style. There was a few years time I tried to abstract painting works, but I think it is sensitive to the characteristics of an artist, I would like to have a clear grasp of their own and do not want to, he is well aware of the specific things to be attractive, so we return to realism The style in the field. In 1991,

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