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    Jack: Hello, Kate, how have you been? It has been a while since last time we saw each othre right?

    Kate: Yes, so what are you up to now?

    Jack: I am still trying to finish my postgrade, and you?

    Kate: I am now working in a trading company. But I am thinking about advance study latter as well.

    Jack: Really? What field?

    Kate: I am interested in marketing, so I wish that I could get a master degree in markeing.

    Jack: Sounds nice. I hope I can finsih my study and get a job I like as well.

    Kate: So what kind of job you like?

    Jack: I like to meet more people and making conversations.

    Kate: I think sales will fit your well. I like marketing and I plan to start

    my own business in the future.

    Jack: Wow, really? What busniess you are looking at?

    Kate: Art, Design related.

    Jack: But it is not easy to make money in this field.

    Kate:I know it will be challenging, and that is why I like it.

    Jack: Sounds like you are well prepared!

    Kate: Yes, I think so, I only need some people to invest my ideas.

    Jack: Sure, good luck.

    Kate: You too and hope you finish your paper and get a job as soon as posisble.

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    Do you have a habbit?

    Yes,I have.

    Is what?

    I like to sing a song and learn English.

    What about you?

    I like to go hiking and play computer.

    Wow! It's pretty cool.

    How to go hiking,can you teach me?

    Of cause!Can we go to the coffee shop?




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    沒看到題目= =

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