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申請k1 v isa期間還可以持觀光簽證入境美國嗎?

我最後一次入境美國西雅圖是今年6月 但是因為我2007~2008之間入境已經很頻繁 入境美國一共四次次, 時間一共八個月吧!

所以今年六月的入境被海關請到小房間質詢3個小時 最後放我走人 不過只允許一個月 但我已經很感激囉 因為他其實可以直接把我原機遣返, 因為他在我行李箱找不到任何有嫌疑準備要結婚的文件 不過放我走的同時卻在我的passport上著名 不可以轉換身分(有一特有名詞我忘記)和 不可以extending時間待在美國

我先說明 我每一次都是在合法時間出入境美國! 但是我相信他的電腦系統一定有我的之前紀錄!

所以我想說我要是十二月在飛去西雅圖, 跟海關說我們今年七月底已經丟出k1 visa申請! 現在就是還在等待USCIS approve要是他不相信 我可以秀出我們當初申請文件證明等等

請大家給我意見! 謝謝

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    申請k1 v isa期間還可以持觀光簽證入境美國嗎?

    Your chance of getting a tourist visa approved is very slim since your fianc has already filed a k-1 via on behalf of you. You should wait for your K-1 visa to be approved. You have 90 days to get married in the United Stated once you receive the approval of your k-1 visa.

    If you have already applied for k-1 visa, what is your purpose of entering the United Stated with a tourist visa? I believe that the immigration officer would have the same question as I, especially that the immigration officer had already suspected the purpose of your stay previously. The purpose of a tourist visa is to allow people to to visit the United States for leisure or tourism . If you have already been to Seattle several times during the recent years, I would doubt that the immigration officer would grant you the tourist visa again.

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    Until the actual marriage takes place, the fiancee is considered a non-immigrant. A non-immigrant is a foreign national seeking to temporarily enter the United States for a specific purpose. A fiancee may not obtain an extension of the 90-day original non-immigrant admission.

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    After the marriage takes place, the foreign national may apply for Green Card through Marriage to become a United States citizen.

    Just an FYI, you can also try getting married first in Taiwan instead of applying for a k-1 visa, and then have your husband apply for a Green Card for you.

    Source(s): have lived in the US for over 18 years.
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    ELISA 大大+1,我認為還是靜待K-1簽證下來再過去結婚較保險,應該沒有網友肯跟妳保證一定進得了美國的

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