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WWE SMACKDOWN! RE-LOADED Episode 1 (Kick Off)?

WWE Smackdown Re-Loaded Intro

Tazz & Michael Cole welcome fans to the show.

Match 1: Doug & Danny Basham def. RVD & Tajiri

No.1 Conetender Match for the WWE Tag Team Titles.

Teddy Long Introduces a Best out of 7 Series Match for John Cena's WWE United States Championship: And his Challenger will be introdudced in a Match Next:

Commercial Break:

Match 2: Orlando Jordan def. Heidenriech

(Orlando pins Heidenriech with a DDT)

Then Cena comes out and Raps on Orlando Jordan. Orlando gets pissed off then trys to hit Cena but Cena reverses it into a F-U.

Batista in The Parking Lot coming into the Arena

Commercial Break:

Match 3: Randy Orton (w/"Cowboy" Bob Orton) def. Mr. Kennedy

(Orton pins Kennedy after a Lowblow & and RKO)

Commerical Break:

Match 4: 6 Diva Tag Team Match:

Torrie Wilson, Stacy Kiebler & Christy Hemme def. Dawn Marie, Sable & Amy Webber.

JBL Runs into Big Dave Backstage and Batista says" I dont Care if The Big Show is the challenger for the World Heavyweight Championship" You better Watch your Back coz I' Coming for you"

Commercial Break:

Match 5: Carlito & Matt Morgan def. Pau; London & Billy Kidman:

(Carlito pins London after the Back stabber) (Kidman goes whacko and slaps London.

Christian backstage talking with Booker T and braging about this Match at No Way Out between the 2.

Commercial Break:

Main Event: Undertaker def. JBL By DQ

(Kurt Angle, Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak interfer then Batista comes out and helps Undertaker.

It all goes to Mayhem.

Then Teddy Long comes out and says I just thought of an idea

Next week on Smackdown:

it will be Kurt Angle, Luther Reigns & Mark Jindrak vs Undertaker & his tag team partner "The Animal" Batista!!!!

oh and for you JBL "You get Booker T next week on Smackdown!"

Rate it:

Favourite Match & Superstar of the night

Next Week:

JBL vs Booker T

Contract signing for U.S Ttile best out of 7 series match

WWE Tag Team champs Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio in action

Randy Orton speaks

3 on 2 Handi-cap match


I took of the other question no answer in 1 hour

Update 2:


Update 3:


Update 4:

Someone answer it

Update 5:


Update 6:

Batista is the Royal Rumble winner LOL!!

Thats why his here

Update 7:

Smackdown Presents No Way Out


* WWE Tag Team Championship:

Bashams vs Eddie & Rey

*WWE U.S Championship

Best out of 7 series match

Cena vs Orlando

* Undertaker vs Luther Reigns & Mark Jindrak (w/Kurt Angle)

Divas Battle Royal

WWE Cruiserweight Championship:

Paul London vs Billy Kidman

World Heavyweight Championship:

JBL vs Big Show: Bullrope Match

(w/ Batista as Special Guest Referee)

Update 8:

Oh 4got

Christian v Booker T

Update 9:

In 6 weeks Wrestlemania Ultimate

Presented by RAW & SmackDown!

Update 10:

Tune in for Next Weeks Show as we have 2 huge main events:

1. JBL the wrestling god battles Booker T.


3 on 2 Handicap Match

Kurt Angle, Reigns and Jindrak take on Undertaker and The Animal Batista

Update 11:

answer ittt!!!

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    4/5 2000,000 fans

    next week

    *Booker T Def JBL (By Pinfall after the scisers kick)

    *Orlando Jordon signs contract 4 the 7 series match

    *Eddie & Rey Bash orlando jordon and say 2 the bashams u want our titles u hav 2 bet us in a 6-man tag match with our partner john cena and ur partner Orlando Jordon

    *Eddie, Rey & Cena Def The Bashams and Jordon (Eddie pins Danny after the 619, FU then the Frog splash

    *Randy Orton says that i will fight the winner of Batista v Big show 4 the title

    * Taker and Batista def Angle, Reigns & jinrick (Batista pins angle wen taker enters the ring and does the piledriver)

    Just suggestions

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    Taker and Batista vs Kurt Angles team bad its1 one of the worst shows ive ever seen

    kidding its great 9/10

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    Bryan Danielson. a million - BarbieOrton. 2 - Y2Jericho. 3 - I A Meen and Richard Kingston w/ Charlie Scene and Ted Dibiase Jr. 4 - Dylan Klein. 5 - E & C Connection and Icon. 6 - Deadman 4 existence. 7 - Fallen Diablo. MainEvent: Siberian Wolverine w/YATF Rookie Bio threat.

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    Boring and inaccurate.

    Booker T, Kurt Angle, Luther Reigns, Mark Jindrak, Eddie Guerrero, Matt Morgan, Kidman, Bob Orton are NOT in smackdown. They're not even in the WWE.

    This is horrible and I would never watch this.

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