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Which of the following roles of the President do you think is the most important and why?

In exercising power, the president has a number of traditional “roles.” These roles can be divided into Constitutional Roles and Non Constitutional Roles.

…Chief Executive/Administrator: The president shall “take

care that the laws be faithfully executed,” in addition

the president shall be responsible for running the


…Commander-in-Chief: The president serves as a “civilian”

head of the military; he has great power to use the

military for purposes as he sees fit.

…Chief Diplomat: The president makes treaties, and

essentially “makes” U.S. foreign policy.

…Chief of State: The president serves as the spokesperson of

the U.S., he sends and receives ambassadors, and

performs symbolic duties as head of the government.

…Chief Legislator: The president recommends legislation to

congress and sets the legislative agenda by proposing

programs and policies.

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    Commander-in-Chief because national security is ultimately the most important issue, and the protection of our country lies in the hands of the military and our commander-in-chief.

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