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Oral Sex, A Huge Mistake, I NEED HELP!?

Ok so for as long as I can remember I have been bi-curious. I have always talked to guys online and contemplated meeting up for fun just to see what it was like. Last night I actually did meet up with a guy I met online and we did oral on each other, he cummed in my mouth but I spit it out right away and left ashamed.

I feel extreme guilt, know this lifestyle isn't for me, I am ashamed and scared that I might have an std, aids, ect.

Has anyone else ever encountered this, I just need some help figuring out what to do.

I really just want to go back in time and forget this whole thing, it was a huge mistake.

Am I still a virgin?


Ok well I am going to get tested, but I heard like HIV and some other tests require a waiting period, what do you know about this?

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    **Go and get tested but chances are you'll be fine.

    You are still a virgin because you didn't actually have sex with this guy.

    Don't be so tough on yourself. You were bi-curious and at least now you know that you don't want to be with another guy so you can move on from this experience.

    You don't have to tell anyone about it so no one else has to know.**

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    Being curious and experimenting is a big part of sexuality. So is learning lessons after experimenting. If you feel guilty over what occurred with the guy you met online, then obviously, don't do it again. You may feel horrible right now, but, in time, it will become easier to deal with.

    You can not catch HIV/AIDS through oral sex unless you had an open sore in your mouth. You can go to Planned Parenthood or the local health clinic and get tested for other STDs but keep in mind that most places can't test for Herpes unless you have an open sore around or in your mouth for them to test. Let this be a lesson not to do anything sexual with strangers, especially unprotected.

    As for being a virgin...the dictionary says that a virgin is someone that has not had sexual intercourse. Sexual intercourse is defined as intercourse involving genital contact between individuals along with the original definition of male/female sex. However, if you want to believe that you're a virgin because you were experimenting...then that's up to you. Either way, no one has to know.

    And PLEASE be careful when meeting someone that you met on the internet. That's extremely risky.

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    First thing to do, is relax :)

    You are still a virgin. At least in my eyes you are. A virgin is one who hasn't had intercourse yet. Anal is the only form of "intercourse" I know of that exists between two males. If you were to ask me if two females have "sex", I would have to reply "no" because intercourse hasn't taken place. Keep in mind though, this is my definition of what it means to be or not to be a virgin.

    I wouldn't feel ashamed. If you didn't try it, then you'd spend the rest of your life wondering. Think of it as a life lesson. If I felt ashamed after everytime I did something I thought I'd like, then turned out not to like it at all, I'd have a permanent red face! Don't feel bad. We all try things and learn from the things we tried. So what? You didn't like it. You realized it's not for you. You've experienced it and can now move on.. No harm done :)

    As for worrying about std's... I don't think you have any, but if it makes you nervous, just have a quick check up with your doctor. If you want to keep things hush, hush with your parents, there are PLENTY of clinics you could go to. Search for Planned Parenthood.. they offer doctors to give tests that check for std's and such. Just take a deep breath and you'll be fine :)

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    Don't dwell on it and let it get you down.Your no different than 99 million other people who have experimented.Chalk it up to experience and move on to more urgent things.Figure it like this,you did some research.Write a paper on it from a clinical view and file it away.Have an HIV test performed so you can have peace of mind.99 chances out of 100 your not infected! I hope this helps.Yeah you were impulsive and didn't think first but haven't we all done something impulsive and later regretted it? Good luck and God bless you.........

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    If you'd like to forget about it, that is what you do, forget about it.

    It is not highly likely that you have STDs, but it is not impossible. Just watch your health over the next few months, and talk to a doctor if you see anything unusual. For example, Oral Herpes shows as "Cold Sores" on the lips.

    But if you don't see anything unusual, then you don't need to tell a doctor or anyone anything about what you did if you would prefer not to discuss it. I think it is best if you can get through this without having to explain it unnecessarily.

    Jesus will forgive you if you ask him to.

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    This is how STDS/HIV get spread. Go get tested and quit w/ risky behavior. I wouldn't be so concerned about if you're a virgin or not..

    *and does it matter what the waiting period is? for the result? some places its 2 wks. I actually think you have to wait 9 mos. for the HIV to show after exposure.

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    hun don't beat your self up, people make mistakes and do things they later regret doing,and know you know that isn't for you, if you had not of went you would still be wondering,

    and yes you are still a virgin, just because you did that doesn't make you gay or bi.

    and yes i would go get tested, wait 2 months, and go donate blood, if you are kind of embarrassed about going to the DR.

    if you donate blood they test you for anything and everything,

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    lol okay we all are curious inside and its understandable that you wanted try something different not that i have my self but now you have a story to tell your kids when you go strait which is the way to go when you are a male females im not so sure of i kind of like them bi curious lol not that im a pig or any thing i just love females beauty and yes you are still a virgin until u have vaginal sex with a female the only way

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    Yes your a virgin.. and DO NOT EVER meet anyone offline ;; that's suicide . And Yea that guy prolley has something but you never know.

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    get tested. and don't ever do that again if you're obviously uncomfortable with it. next time you have any sort of sexual encounter, use protection!!!! and your status all depends on your definition of virgin.

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