Bard College at Simon's Rock?

I am a freshman in high school and interested in going here. I think I need to get away and never return, just joking. I would leave at 16. Would I get a high school diploma or would I have to get a GED? I really don't want a GED, and if I would have to I wouldn't apply here. What grades do I need? As of now I have A's and B's except for math. I am working on it, and will try my best. If I would get a C or D in here, how much would it hurt my chances? I usually get a high A in math. I am hoping I can pull it out since I have a tutor now. It is really a teacher problem, so I will deal this out when I change teachers, half of the class if failing. She just doesn't explain anything, but anyway... I am in all honor classes and a AP. This is what my schedule looks like:

1st: Accelerated Int Algebra I

2nd: Honors Bio

3rd: AP Human Geo

4th: Advisement & Lunch

5th: Into To Theater

6th: Health/ Gym

7th: Honors English

I was planning on taking French next year. Also, when I was reading it it said the SATS are not necessary. I don't think I will be ready to take my SATS by next year, lol. I'm only a freshman, and I'm not the greatest at standardized tests. My dream is to go to NYU or USC. I want to do journalism academically & or tv/film acting. I was thinking if I got a AA from here which it said most do, then I could transfer there. Would I have to take the SATS if I would be a transfer student? Money will be a issue since it looks like it is just as much as NYU. I am more of the upper middle class. I live in a nice house, but were not rich. I don't see a way of my parents making this much money when I have a brother who is a year older, and a another brother who is three years younger. Could I quilfy for the AEP program they have? If I didn't get that, can I still get in. When should I tell my counseler about my plans. I was looking at other programs such as USC's Residence Honor's Program, but it looked almost impossible to get into. Any feedback is fine. Thanks!

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    You haven't said why you want to go to this school, other than to get away from home. Realize that this is a school for people who are really into learning and academics. You'd be expected to dedicate yourself to schoolwork if you went to Bard. Expect college level courses instead of 11th and 12 grade-level classes. The workload would be AP level and beyond. It is not a way to get past the SATs, not a way to give yourself an edge in applying to NYU or USC.

    You've said elsewhere that you want to be in film/TV acting and/or journalism or screenwriting. Creative writing is offered here, but the theater program is the standard stage-oriented program that includes all areas of stagecraft and not just acting.

    You might be able to get in. You need fairly good grades, but not necessarily top grades. However, they have you do a lot of writing for the application, so your writing skills need to be good - and you'll need to use the writing to convince them that you're their kind of student. The question is, are you all that dedicated to learning?

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    Simon's Rock is the only college that is 100% designed for people who are ready for college early, and I think it's very, very cool. There are other early college entry programs as well, but they are at regular universities. Still, may be worth looking at:

    Simon's Rock is a really strong liberal arts college.

    You will apply for financial aid, and that will help you pay for college. You should also speak to your guidance counsellor about applying for scholarships.

    Look at the page for the college's AEP program to see if you might qualify. Getting a C or D in math will certainly interfere with your ability to get that particular scholarship:

    Most colleges, if you have an associates degree, won't require you to take the SAT. Some, like NYU, will want you to take two or three SAT II (subject tests). Speak to Bard about that.

    I don't know if you get a GED via Simon's Rock. You don't get a high school diploma. If you do get a GED at Simon's Rock, it doesn't matter, to be honest. It's not going to stop you from anything. But do ask the school how all that works, and mention your concerns.

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    Bard College at Simon's Rock is an "early entry" college, where you basically skip the last year or two of high school and go straight into college. It is the only such college that is accredited at this point. You don't need a GED, and you probably would never earn a high school diploma if you went there. Most students go there for a couple of years and get an associate's degree, then transfer to another college for a bachelor's degree.

    Most of the students who go there are in the top 25% of their high school classes, but they aren't necessarily the very best students. If your other grades are good, one less great grade won't be a disaster. You do not need to take the SATs, which are intended to be taken by juniors.

    It sounds to me that the biggest challenge you would face would be your parents. They would have to be willing to let you go, and to pay for it. The AEP is only possible if you have a minimum of a 3.5 GPA, and you would have to be one of the top 20 students to get this scholarship.

    I think the best aspect of this school would be that if you are the kind of student who is underchallenged by high school, you could move straight into the tougher classes of college. That would certainly have described me in high school. However, my parents would never have let me move away from home early, nor would they have paid for a private college.

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    i think its much too early to start thinking of this stuff. trust me, you will change your mind many times before senior year.

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