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my tv is hot,please tell me if this is normal?

I have a 42 inch vizio flat screen ,[no its not stolen] just wanted to know if anyone has the same probs with there tv, a lot of heat come off of it.it is on a stand not mounted on the wall,when i walk by i can feel the heat coming from the screen,is this normal?


yes it is a plasma

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    Yes, they produce a fair amount of heat. I can feel the heat from the back light on my LCD and plasmas also get warm. There is also a good amount that produced by the power supplies that radiates through the vent holes in the top.

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    Is it the plasma model?

    If so, it is pretty common for any plasma set.

    Plasma sets use from 2 to 4 x the amount of energy that a LCD uses.

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    yeah most tvs do.

    its actually a great way to tell how energy efficient a tv is

    when you are in the store, put your hand in front of it.

    even some of the energy star models

    let off some decent heat.

    you're normal.

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