Are the aliens from the film series "Alien" actually from the planet the first two films takes place on?

I just watched the first two back-to-back and I think the film was ambiguous on the matter. The human explorers find a crashed alien spaceship, and inside of it they found the field of Facesucker Eggs. My question, is the crashed spacecraft of "Alien" alien technology, or were they native to the planet - named LV-426, and when a third alien race crashed there, were they destroyed by the "Alien" aliens.

Hope that makes sense, and sorry if that's worded strange, but it's hard when the aliens from "Aliens" don't have a name!

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    I saw the original film "Alien" in the theaters when it was first released....I'm telling my age, here. And have been a fan ever since. I wondered the same thing for a while. But the second film actually answers your question.

    Think of the scene early on where Ripley is in the conference room with the board who is reviewing what happened to the first spaceship and her responsibility in detonating the self-destruch mechanism. A female board member says, "and found a creature who gestates insided a living human host...." and then "'s a rock ( referring to the planet) there is no indigenous life". Ripley answers, "Did I.Q's just drop sharply while I was away? Ma'am, I already said it was not indigenous, it was a derelict space craft. We homed in on it's beacon."

    So, according to Ripley, the spaceship with the alien egg was from somewhere else, not the planet in the first and second film.

    By the way, I really like Aliens (the second film in the series). I like the military aspect of it and I am a big Michale Biehn fan.

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    I think they were carried there by another alien race in that crashed ship. If you consider all the other movies, the Xenomorph (Aliens) never are seen using technology or even any hand tools. They only kill, and reproduce; never built or assemble anything. I can not imagine them constructing a spaceship.

    Different to the Yautija (Predators) that have spaceships, weapons, some type of culture.

    Source(s): In the movies the aliens are never given a name, the "Xenomorph" initiated in other media or from fans of the series.
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    In both cases, the aliens were not native to the planets. In the first movie, the alien ship they found basically had the same problem as the crew does later on.

    In the second movie, the planet they found the alien ship is being colonized.

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    The alien ship that was found on LV426 was not from there. It is not clear if they built the ship or if they took it over from whoever it belonged too long ago. (most likely the case)

    It would seem that they came from 'who knows where' in the galaxy when another lifeform would them, then they got onto that ship, took it over, and crashed on LV426 when the people in 'Alien' and 'Aliens' find them.

    Their are 4 films in all with 2 spin offs (AvP). The 2nd one is the best hands down.

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