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Can you touch type? type without looking at keyboard?

I'm well chuffed. I can type without looking at the keyboard and the computer screen itself and i'm only 13. And I can do it propper fast.

My mum was like "Lily people take courses to learn how to do touch typing like that" i just wondered is she lying or can everybody do this?

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    i used to be able to, but now my fingers are like all retarded and hitting all the wrong keys. haha

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    I can type without looking at the keyboard just takes practice. Touch typing takes a lot more effort that simply typing without looking at the keyboard. Of course people take courses to learn it like anything in life the more you do something the easier it will become.

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    1 decade ago

    Yes, I can. Im not perfect I mean I do have to use the good old Backspace once and a while but as I type this I am not looking at the keyboard.

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    1 decade ago

    I'm 13 And I Can Touch Type Lols.

    And I'm Really Fast At It Too :)

    But Not Loads Off People Can Do It Lols.

    ^^^^^ I Dont Think Anyway Lols


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    OMG, you just reminded me of this wonderful lady writer friend who wrote this lovely book called The Gypsy Chronicals because she "touch type" very much in the same whey as that, so to speak.

    Funky to see the difference in both now that you bring it up for well, yes I think 13 be pretty young to be doing automatic writing in terms of typing whole words, phrases and sentences without even thinking of the spelling. It just flashes out at... well the speed of fingers is never as quick as the brain so it does get awful frustrating. Took me years of many different jobs typing to get that fast so hmmm verrry interesting for now you have me seeing the difference between both forms of touch types. hmmm.

    Source(s): 13? The former maybe, but the latter? I don tink so, but possible and therefore amazingly so I would think. haha I just reread what you wrote and now I see 3 different kinds of typing. You are a riot my lady! I could learn alot just peeking at ya. Good show!
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    Ok before i actually start doing this i want to let you know that it may not be read-able becuase im not going to backspace!!! I have been typing for a couple years pretty well. Im young so my generation types alot anywyas. we rpractically live on the computer. BuGt even though i dont have to loko at the krys i pretty much do have to use the backspace button lol... Let me fix that up for you!! I have been typing for a couple years pretty well. Im young so my generation types alot anyways. we practically live on the computer. But even though i dont have to look at the keys i pretty much do have to use the backspace button lol...

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    Good typing skills but can you beat my personal best of 82 words per minute?Anyways most "experienced" people can do that.I am guessing that you might have alot of computer experience(which obviously is true xD).most young teenagers like ourself have more excitement which boosts their ability to type.Thats the part that rocks the teenager life!!Yeah thats what i'm talking about!

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    Yes, and very fast too. I can type around 200 words in one minute. I taught myself all these years how to do it, and I was raised with four computers so I learned on my own. I think I am very talented, and so are you.

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    Anyone who uses a computer quite often can do this. For being only 13 and already being able to do this, you're pretty good. I think I learned at 10.

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    That's great that you can, normally people can only later on in their years. So that's great!

    I type 55 words per minute usually. I am in the process of making my typing faster. ^^

  • On and off.

    I can, but if someone is watching me when I do it, I usually mess up because I'm trying too hard and end up...

    tyoing lrke tgid

    (translation: typing like this) - haha =D

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