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I;m going Ana and i need helpful tips to help me resist the temptation of food?

dont try to talk me out of it and plz leave serious comments only!

i really dont like to prudge

and i need help on how to NOT eat

plz help

i hate being so fuggy&fat

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    Ana is a mental disorder.

    Not a life choice.

    If you want to live with constant calorie counting, punishment, and hatred of your body, constantly look at pictures of thin girls, and remind yourself that you are worthless and no one will love you until you are perfect.

    Restrict what you eat. Eat naked in front of your mirror so you can see how disgusting you are. And then refuse to go out with your friends and family because they will want you to eat. Dont sleep, you must excercise to burn the calories. Always burn, never eat.

    Once you do all that, you might be on your way to getting there.

  • capel
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    4 years ago

    You are not able to withstand meals, seeing that a technique or yet another you can get hungry and you can get tempted in consuming whatever you do not wish. So you have got to make your self complete via consuming healthful meals 6-eight occasions an afternoon, however in little or no quantities. Do that plus do whatever so one can get you busy by way of out the day gets your brain from your temptations.

  • J-lynn
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    1 decade ago

    umm... ok..

    what is "going ana"?

    and what do you mean you don't like to "prudge" is prudge even a word???

    what does fuggy feel like? I didn't know fuggy was a word either.

    You need help, and not just because you WANT to have an eating disorder....

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You're pathetic. Freaken google it if you wanna know. If you're being serious then put some effort into it and research it yourself.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    chew gum and drink water to fill you up

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