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Can someone explain USAA insurance company?

My understanding is that USAA is for families with members in the military ONLY.... is that right?

I also heard that because it's for the military it's like the cheapest possible insurance and best benefits, is that true?



Thanks Red, I'm asking because my dad is in the Coast Guard and I recently got my own account set up.

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    USAA association is only available to military and their immediate family members. USAA Life is available to anyone (this is true of TIAA-Cref Life too). Like others said, they aren't always the cheapest, but they are a strong company and have great service.

    Interesting note, they used to only be available to military officers and their family. They opened it up some years ago.

    Tell your dad I said thanks.

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    It USED TO BE the cheapest around. That was back when they only allowed Officers to belong. 10 or 15 years ago, they opened it up to the enlisted ranks, and it became an average company. I was an officer with very low rates, and they've been climbing ever since the enlisted joined the ranks.

    As with most things, shop around.

    Edit: I should add...they are very, very good at customer service. I've been a member for 22 years and have no complaints. The people at the end of their 800 number are awesome, nice, and very helpful.

    Source(s): Retired Air Force, half enlisted, half officer.
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    If you are in the military, or if your direct family (parents or grandparents) have been in the military you are eligible.

    And yes, I have it, it's the best insurance I've found. Not ALWAYS the cheapest, but definitely the best insurance overall (dealing with claims, price, support, etc)

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    No, it's also for spouses and children of retired military, and I've heard that police and firefolks can get in, also.

    USAA isn't necessarily the cheapest, but their rates are very competitive, AND, they are extra understanding of military situations - like having a lapsed drivers license because you are in Iraq.

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    does families of a deceased military not killed while in service

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    www.usaa.com has the membership requirements.

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