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Any stock tips at the moment?

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    Stock tips for right now. Buy and hold. Right now is very volitile and almost every industry has shown swings in prices.

    Look to things that people will buy whether there's a recession on not. Look to the compnaies like Proctor and Gamble, or Johnson and Johnson, or General Electric for example. These are all companies that produce every day household products that people buy whether it's a bull market or a bear market. You won't shoot out the lights with these investments, but you won't lose money either.

    Other wise, look at industry that have high global demand. Right now, the troubles in the market are becuase of the US, that doesn't mean there is not demand for certain products in other countries. Take a look at Saskatchewan, Canada right now. That province is booming and can't keep up, becuase they are a huge producer of Oil and Potash. Both these things are in high demand, especially in China and India since they are in the process of industrializing. They also have diamond mines and uranium mines there as well. Sure imports are down in the US, but places like Saskatchewan are still exporting around the world. Don't let the stock prices fool some reasearch and it's easy to find the companies that are just under valued becuase of the psyschology of the market right now.

    Source(s): Financial Advisor in Canada.
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    Buy gold stocks and any other commodity stocks

    fertilizer, coal, gold, minerals.

    They will fly....massive inflation is coming down the pipe in a couple years.

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