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American they get it?

Do you think American automakers deserve what they get? Seems like they always lag behind the foreign automakers in style, technology, and ingenuity. They kept making those gas guzzlers, even when we had other gas crisis in the past. I live in NYC now, so I don't need a car. But when I did, I always bought American. Just wondering how others felt.

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    Being from Detroit, and as an ex-union employee. I know first hand how bad that the USA auto industry is lagging.

    It is sad to see that we can not build a car that compares to that of foreign automakers.

    I never though I would see the day when people ask me for a opinion between car, even giving me examples of Ford Chevy and Dodge,etc.... and I end up telling them that a Honda is best.

    I own American car as my primary vehicles.

    2000 Dodge Durango SLT - 5.9 litre V8

    2000 Chevrolet Extreme S10 - 4.3 V6

    1997 Dodge 1 ton wrecker - diesel

    1986 Chevy wrecker - 454 Gas

    1985 S10 - 383 stroker

    I also have a 1988 Mazda RX7 that I am in the middle of a 350 swap with also.

    I guess I still love the American V8 power, I can afford the gas. I can write most off as business expenses.

    I would like to see a major US automaker build a affordable alternate fuel vehilce, I dont care if it is a new model or a retrofit. I dont care if it is a full size SUV or a tiny little deathbox.

    It'd just be nice to see us compete again!

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    Everyone is stuck in the past. Now, American cars are giving the foreign competition a run for their money. For instance, the SSC Ultimate Aero, the fastest production car in the world, is made in the U.S., beats all the competition, and costs about half the price of the Bugatti Veyron (at around $650,000). Then there's the Corvette ZR-1, which outperforms many foreign supercars at a fraction of the price (the interior can use some improvement, though), the Cadillac CTS-V, which is now the fastest V-8 sedan in the world, the Chevy Cobalt SS, which beats most (if not all) of the new sub-$30k Japanese imports in terms of performance. The Cobalt SS could also use a nicer interior, though. Lastly, there is the new Ford Focus, which gets 35 mpg and is about the cheapest car you can buy new. So you see, American cars aren't junk anymore.

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    Innovative car makers just don't make it in the US market. Tucker, Crosley, Studebaker, and Nash (to name a few), failed.

    As for foreign cars being innovative, I think not. Many of the designs have not changed in years. They even leave design flaws in place through the entire production cycle which can be decades. Look at Jag's, when Ford owned them, Ford tried to get them to correct 162 known problems. These were in cars that had been made first in the sixties. But the Jag work force and engineering staff felt there was no need to change. Which is one reason Ford sold them. It is reported that even the famed BMW has at least a dozen problems right from the factory that the dealer has to fix before they leave the dealership.

    Japan, China and the India car makers are not innovators, they are copiers.

    So I think your premise is flawed, the problem is not the makers of the cars, but the buyers.

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    I am not certain the US makers lag in style or ingenuity but certainly they lack in applied technology.

    The US makers are not quick to implement new tech. They certainly are developing it but it often gets no further then the concept cars.

    Styling wise their cars are nice and some are just as out there and wild as what is coming from the foreign makers. I am not one to believe Toyota or Honda are making the sexiest cars on the planet. In fact theirs by and large are pretty boring often copying elements form makers like Mercedes and BMW and merging with that styling cues from their own brands and even adjusting to fit the US market. Styling is subjective.

    I'd truly like to see Detroit push the envelope but I think their biz model is part of the gasoline/oil industrial complex and the switch to alt. fuels or super efficiency would mess with their formula that is the foundation for the auto makers, gasoline companies and even the gov. I doubt we'll see it change unless we stop supporting their formula.

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    Well, I agree.

    I do not drive a "foreign" vehicle as my F150 was made in KC, but I certainly would not buy a GM with an engine made in China or an Aveo shipped in from Korea.

    People forget the junk poured out by the big 3 from the 70s to recent times.

    The foreign makers did make junk that rusted out quickly...and they improved on it, too!

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