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my dog is swaying back and forth while sitting still. and cant keep her balance. whats wrong?

my dog is at the vet now.

the situation started from her not willing to use the stairs yesterday. this morning i found her in her cage stiff as a board on her side with her head facing the ceiling. i carried her down stairs and attempted to sit her down on the cement. she rolled off my hand from a few inches high right to her back. i placed her on her feet and she began to do her business. but wobbly back and forth. stumbling and actually loosing her balance on a few inch high slight slope.

when she was at the vets office she was trying to focus on a noise and began to sway back in forth in place. it seems as if her equilibrium is off, big time: especially when trying to focus her vision on one thing specifically.

she didnt get into any chemicals, and she is eating, just not yet today. anyone else ever experienced this? the vet said her ears are fine, so its not an ear infection. im pretty scared.


in addition to that the doc said that it wasn't seizers. her eyes are working fine, dilating and stuff. they are doing an xray of her now, then going to do urine, and blood work after if thats inconclusive.

Update 2:

alright i was told that it could be ataxia. there are several types of ataxia, since its a symptom not the actual diagnosis.

but its a state of inability to control equilibrium. i was wondering if anyone heard of dogs getting better from this?

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  • Kel
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    1 decade ago
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    This is how we first noticed my dad's boxer was having seizures. She would sway before and after the seizure & her pupils would dialate. And especially what you said about your dog being stiff, that's how his dog would get also during the seizure. It sounds like that's what's happening. His dog is on antiseizure medication now and is doing fine. She rarely has one now.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Does she seem painful? If there is pain, it may be an orthopedic problem. Some of the time, pain may cause the dog to seem off balance due to weakness. Xrays of her back and hind limbs may offer some information. If the dog does not seem to be painful, and is circling, is it always to one side? Dogs with brain lesions will circle to the side that is affected. Also, inner ear and vestibular conditions can cause some of these signs, but can be ruled out with a complete physical exam. So if your vet did an exam, and is not treating for that problem, it's likely not the cause. Neurologic symptoms such as circling, ataxia (off balance), and inappropriate vocalization may be due to a central nervous system, most commonly neoplasia ( cancer ). If this is what your vet is concerned about, you may want to get a referral to a veterinary neurologist. Neurologic diseases very often do not show up on blood work or regular xrays. Specialized testing is needed, such as a spinal tap, CAT scan or MRI. If that is not a possibility for you, discuss other options with your vet. Unfortunately, for neurologic disease, without a definitive diagnosis, there are very limited treatment options.

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    take the poor little thing to the vet immediately and have tests carried out , could be to do with the brain ,liver , eyes a number of things

  • nickle
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    1 decade ago

    Well I dont have any idea as I am not a vet. All I can sujjest is let your Vet run whatever test possible to see if he/she can figure it out

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Interesting topic!

  • W.
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    1 decade ago

    Did your vet mention something about vestibular syndrome? If not call and ask about it.

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