DRAMA (cheating/car crash)??????????

I have been going out for this guy for about a week now, any way, we work together. And there is this girl at work who keeps looking at him and I can tell she likes him (she didn’t know we were dating) anyway yesterday she looked really upset and guilty and was looking at my boyfriend so I took her phone and was looking through the messages it turns out that he cheated on me then I guess he told her he was dating me and she got really mad at him.

I confronted her first and gave her back her phone she looked really upset and was apologizing, I told her I wasn’t mad at her and that it wasn’t her fault.

Then when I was talking to Julian (my boyfriend) he said he was sorry and that he didn’t really like her, she just started kissing him and he didn’t know what to do (he also said he has a problem saying no). I guess he didn’t want it to be awkward because they work together.

I was texting him on the phone, and he got into a small car crash, he is still at the hospital but I can’t stop thinking about how he cheated on me, I didn’t bring it up at the doctors at all, because he was in pain.

But I don’t know what to do?

I like him a lot…

Should I just drop the subject and hope it doesn’t happen again?

ugh, I hate drama.

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    well the fact that he got in a crash doesn't change the fact that he either did or was planning on cheating on you. it's a tough call to make but if it was me my natural instinct would be to just drop 'em and move on. if its the first time this has happened and you aren't 100% that he was cheating on you then i would say give him the benefit of a doubt and when he gets better, start talking about it with him. if he has cheating before then you should leave him and should have left him when it happened. if you take a cheater back, they will probably cheat on you again. that's just how it is. do you know if he cheated on any of his ex's? if he did, then he may have been cheating on you and you just don't know it. you have to decide based on these kinds of things. if i found that my girlfriend was talking to another guy and didn't tell me about it i would be pissed. the fact that he told you that the girl was all over him kissing him i would believe to be bullsh**. i think that if he didn't cheat on you then he wanted to and this means that if I were you, i would drop him. its up to you though.

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    If it were me: I would check on him in the hospital. What if something was terribly wrong and you didn't bother to see him (after all, it sounds like you still care for him). Then, after he is home and feeling better, have a talk with him. Tell him how you feel and tell him you two need to break up. I wouldn't trust him if he has already cheated. Couldn't say no? Please. Once a cheater, always a cheater. Better you find out now than after you've invested more time in this relationship.

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    why were you texting him when he was driving?? i dont want to say that that makes you a bad girlfriend, but think of that guy who died when he was texting while trying to drive a train and killed 28 people.

    if he has a problem saying no, he's not worth it. he looks like he was trying to cover up his cheating by sucking up to you and saying:

    *this is a translation*

    "I have a problem saying no. I don't like her. She just started kissing me out of the blue. I didn't know what to do."

    turns to:

    "I didn't want to say no. I didn't have a problem with saying yes. I don't want to admit that I like her. She was kissing me because I let her. I didn't think about anything but her at the time, so I let her"

    and by the way, you shouldn't be taking other people's phones.

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    I hate when people say well they kissed me and I didn't know what to do. Like they just didn't want to be rude or something.

    I would talk to him about it because it is bugging you, and will bring problems in the future if you don't.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    "Should I just drop the subject and hope it doesn’t happen again? "

    NO !!!!!

    Drop him. He is not mature enough for a relationship. And he's not even smart enough to stay off the phone when he is driving.

    Surely, you can do better.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    and in blinking red lights it says "I HAVE A PROBLEM SAYING NO". He will have other opportunities. What makes you think he will be able to say no next time?

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    i guess that if u really love him, then u could give him another chance but watch out, cause if he did it once he might as well do it again.

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