What is the pay type of the Army Reserve for the United States?

What is the pay type for a reserve soldier in the Army Reserve? Meaning, I looked up the pay rate and the grade says 173 dollars for what I would be if I joined. Is that weekly, Bi-Weekly. Or monthly? Because it does not say.What would I be paid while in boot camp? What would it be if I switched to active duty? Any other pay considerations? I am debating whether to join the reserve to get a little extra money to pay the bills, But I do not think 173 bucks a month is worth getting shot at. I get enough of a risk for being killed at my current job(LEO). Oh, I would be at the very bottom of the pay graph, I think, E1.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    that is for 1 month. Remember this is a part time job. You work 2 days and get paid. Once you get promoted your pay goes up. Active duty pay (to include basic training) pays more. If you look at that same chart there should have been 3 lines for your E grade. The top line would be active duty, the middle line is what active duty is paid each day and the 3rd line is what you get for your reserve drill pay. If that wasn't on your chart, then you need to go to the DFAS web pay click on military pay tables choose the current year then scroll through all the different pay tables until you get to the reserve pay chart at the bottom. (DFAS is the military pay system)

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