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Who is running for office in Duval County, of Jax Florida?

I already went to Duval County and It would take me several hours to get around that website. I need to know who is running and that site is taking me too long....Thanks

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    Congressional (District 4)

    Ander Crenshaw (REP) Incumbent

    Jay McGovern (DEM)

    Congressional (District 6)

    Tim Cunha (DEM)

    Cliff Stearns (REP) Incumbent

    Public Defender (Everyone can vote)

    Matthew Shirk (REP)

    Bill White (DEM) Incumbent

    State Senator (District 1)

    Tony Hill (DEM) Incumbent

    Louise Tart (CPF)

    State Senator (District 5)

    George Lovenguth (DEM)

    Stephen Wise (REP) Incumbent

    Florida State Representative (District 12)

    Janet Adkins (REP)

    Damon Fernandez (Write in)

    Robert Ziefel (Write in)

    Florida State Representative (District 14)

    Mia Jones (DEM)

    Sarah Lovett (REP)

    Florida State Representative (District 17)

    Lake Ray (REP)

    John Rosso III (Write in)

    Florida State Representative (District 18)

    Ronald “Doc” Renuart (REP)

    Dave Smith (DEM)

    Daniel Walsh (NPA)

    Florida State Representative (District 19)

    Larry Jones (DEM)

    Mike Weinstein (REP)

    Supreme Court Justice (NonPartisan Everyone can vote for retention)

    Charles T. Wells

    District Court of Appeal (District 1 NonPartisan – Everyone can vote for retention)

    Robert T. Benton

    Marguerite H. Davis

    Joseph Lewis, Jr.

    Ricky L. Polston

    Clay Roberts

    William A. Van Nortwick, Jr.

    Clerk of Courts

    Jim Fuller (REP) Incumbent

    John Winkler (DEM)

    School Board, District 1 (NonPartisan)

    Stan Jordan

    Ken Manuel

    School Board, District 3 (NonPartisan)

    Jack Daniels

    W. C. Gentry

    Soil and Water Conservation Board Group 2 (NonPartisan)

    Jeff Hunt

    Jonathan McGowan

    Soil and Water Conservation Board Group 3(NonPartisan)

    Calvin “Cal” Lee

    Derek Washington

    Victor L. Wilhelm, Jr.

    Soil and Water Conservation Board Group 4(NonPartisan)

    Stephen Covington

    Katrina Finley

    Jason Fischer

    James Joseph Morton

    County City Council At-Large, Group 2 (Unitary Special–Everyone can vote)

    Dick Brown (REP)

    John R. Crescimbeni (DEM)

    County City Council District 10 (Unitary Special- Everyone in CC10 can vote)

    Reggie Brown (DEM)

    Joe H. Clements II (REP)

    Plus: Constitutional Amendments

    this is a link to the other candidates that are not just duval county.

    Source(s): i clicked on General Election- List of Candidates
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