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Waukegan Ill. Consumer Credit Union?

Company registered at CoOperative Trading Inc. common capital stock issued 02-05-1951. Grandmother bought shares in Waukegan Ill. (Lake County) sold to her as State of Il. as shares in a mobile home. I have Googled, and researched City of Waukegan, State of Ill. and Lake County. Cannot find out if they are still in business. Stock was registered in District of Columbia or at least the shares were. Any and all suggestions would be appreciated. Where do I look to see if the Incorporated Company is still in exists, are these share any good?. I realize they are pretty old and companies Incorporate all the time and go bankrupt.

Are they still in existence

C0-Operative Trading Inc.



wehrgh h

why would you send me to a site for applying for a credit card?. just wondering.

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    I would check with a local stock brokerage house. They should be able to run them down for you. Some companies change their names or bought out by another company. In any case, any stock brokerage company should be able to assist you.

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