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翻譯成英文信 急!謝!






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    The respected boss,

    You are the human who I respect very much, after does not help the boss you to work unconsciously has period of very long time, since I have been honored very much, the boss know us are a team person go for you to work, everybody should have the tacit understanding and trust mutually, but transformed Annie and Bobo after the human affairs extension these two people, knows why the reason, they collaborate to push aside me frequently, slanders me, fabricated, the manufacture incident, our three people therefore quarrel many times the big pot, I have been compelled by their person breathe heavily was mad, on Lebanon nervous breakdown,I have a vacation many times evade thought that may express the slow oppression, but returns to Office latter like former bed sheet singles to hit, bends me by the fabricated matter, the boss, I go against really am suitable, good laborious, although you are a good boss, but for my own safety and body's health, can not but request that the boss for me to the management said that helped the floor which I transfer work now, might? The hope the faster the better, I really receive very big suffering! Is actually earlier one month ago the sixth branch to the related management counter-shade my situation, but they are not willing to arrange for me, perhaps is feared that provokes you! I believed that the boss like can open the mouth to help, I can certainly be separated from the painful the region, asks youngest daughter who the boss you rescues my this to be isolated and cut off from help! Thanks!





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