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1.The boss will offer John a substantial promotion if he "will learn" to be more tactful during business meetings.

this is an exercise of multiple choices. I wonder why the answer "will learn" fit with the statement. I have the deep belief that it should have been replace with "learns," anyway.

you can see there are two "will" existing meanwhile in the cause statement and the effect one .

the following question is from Taipei Times of Oct 23 this year

plx note the quotation marks.

For its final visit to New York ---- the 710th ---- the venerable liner, which was sold last year for eventual use as a floating hotel in Dubia, was joined, from its American home port in Brooklyn, but the four-year-old Queen Mary 2, the latest flaship of the Cunard fleet and a throwback to a golden age of ocean travel before jets, "when," as the company slogan had it, getting there was half the fun.

I wonder why "when" is put here?


那在此的when 是指後面的那段 getting there was half the fun.嗎?

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    1. will learn 放在那裏是"強調"如果 John 有意願要學的話, 老闆願意提供適當的升遷, 在這邊有點反諷, 嘲笑的意味, 意指 John 不太可能有意願學,

    如果光用 learns, 只是說明了如果 John 學了, 老闆就升他職, 沒有反諷的意味

    2. When 放在那個地方, 強調"在當時", 也就是飛機發明前的渡輪航海旅行的黃金年代, "在當時"渡輪公司的口號, 也可以反過來說渡輪公司的口號反應了當時的黃金年代

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