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Is the following examples considered emotional/psychological abuse?

After my parents divorced in the year 2000, I had lived with my mom for about 4 years in a duplex. My mom had a lot of emotional issues afterwords and I think showed signs of Bipolar disorder and Manic depression. Some nights (maybe once a month) she would even go as far as saying "Nobody loves me, I'm just gonna kill myself".. this would obviously upset me and my siblings and I can remember going to my room and literally being so mad and frustrated and upset that I would throw things like video game controllers etc.

I was also wondering if there was any ways to overcome the symptoms of emotional abuse that didn't involve counseling or medications..?


I'm 19 now.

I only lived with my mom between 2000-2004 before I made a personal decision to move in with my dad.

I was 11-14 when I lived with her.

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    Read bible if you are christian, read an inspirational thoughts, books,magazines and quotes, it will help you go through life. With strong sense of positive outlook in life, you will not be easily affected by others. You will understand them other than understanding just yourself. And you will find out that you are bigger than everyone. Good luck.

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    I would think it is emotional abuse. I think you will need counseling to overcome any problems it may cause. Also, Bipolar and manic depression are the same thing.

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  • It possibly is, but if you think your mother might have had bipolar (which is the same thing as manic depression btw) then she would never have intended to hurt you...so perhaps abuse is too strong a term.

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