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How to your boyfriend you can't have sex because you have your period?

Without grossing him out...


I always thought I was mature for my age... oops. I'm 17. gees!

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    Some men don't mind having sex with a woman while she's on her period and some do - it's a personal preference

    But i do agree with the other answerers that if you are too immature to tell your boyfriend and he's too immature to not be grossed out by a normal bodily function that happens once a month to everyone woman on earth then maybe you should consider if you're old enough to be having sex. There's no shame in sitting back and thinking maybe you need more time. I had sex too soon and after some soul searching i decided to be abstinent until I fell in love - two years later in worked out.

    Now after saying that the easiest way would be to come up with a code word for you and your boyfriend. Like. "Aunt Dottie's back" or "Surfing the Crimson tide" or something.

    I pretty much just say to my boyfriend...OH MY GOD I'M DYING MY UTERUS FEELS LIKE IT'S GOING TO EXPLODE...and he's a clever cookie so he figures out "my sister Flow" is in town that week.

    I also used to say "Hooray! I'm not pregnant!" and that also worked.

    So just figure out what would work for you and your man.

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    IF you boyfriend is woth being with, he will understand that this happens about one a month.

    I find that when my girlfriend is having her period, she just says that i can't, and i just back off a lil. You just need to be forward with him, let him know that this happenes, about once a month, and if he still doesn't understand, get him to read about how it all works on the net of in a sex ed' book. It might sound dumb, but atlest he will understand.

    Yet... you don't have to not have sex while your having your period, but I totaly understand why you wouldn't want to. lol.

    Its a good time to just sit and be with him without having sex, so make sure he knows that! : )

    Hope i was of help.

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    If he's going to get grossed out because your perfectly healthy body is doing its thing, then he is too immature to have sex with you anyways.

    Tell him you're having your monthly. If he makes a big deal out of it, kick him to the curb.


    To those who say to do it on your period, just to let you know that this increases your risk of getting a yeast infection or a UTI because the body is more prone to infections during this time. If you have done it and you're fine, that's great, but it's not fine for everyone. Just so you know.

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    If you can't say no to your boyfriend without a long explanation then you are not in control of your own should just say no and he should just accept this..if he don't..then there is something wrong with your is just based on sex?\

    Women have told me this too..but after I said it does not bother me..the blood thing...then most of the times we have sex..but we have to be more it is messy but not impossilbe..just takes more cleaning up time.

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    Tell him that you have your little red visitor or time of the month. You can do other things like you could suck his you know what and he can lick your top if you wanted him to. Try and trick him to do other things that are on the top half of your body. That might make him not think about going down on you. Tell him that you have your little thing. He should understand. Good Luck!

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    Well, I always tell my bf that I'm cursed. Of course I had to explain to him what it meant the first time, but after that, he know what I mean just by my saying that without having to hear all the details.

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    Just tell him it's not a good time of the month for having sex. Or, congratulations, you're not a father. Hopefully he'll get it.

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    Just be honest, say you're having "feminine problems" or something to that effect, and he should get the picture without reacting badly.

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    if you can't talk to your bf about your period you shouldn't be close enough to be having sex!

    i think you missed a few steps in your relationship...

    just tell him you're unavailable, he'll get it... unless he's like 17 or under

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    my bf doesnt care if i am or not. but then hes a medic so see worse things!

    it's natural, like it isnt your fault it happens. it's nature.

    just laugh and say o i cant this week....... and he should get the picture..

    he might not care and want to do it anyway. I find i want it more this time than normal! so its good to get that dose ;)

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