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If you saw the old 1972 horror movie,"The Other" w/John Ritter in it, did you like this film?


NOT TO BE CONFUSED w/"The Other'S" [kidman]

The Other was about twin boys one good/one evil twin,ect.

and their Grandmother--

I NEVER saw it, but bought a bunch of old atmospheric type supernatural horror movies on Amazon.com and just curious to know how good the movie is--heard it was good.

what did you think?--if you saw it?


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    It is excellent, particularly because the author of the novel also wrote the screenplay~Thomas Tryon, who also wrote "Harvest Home", "Crowned Heads" and others. It's been commended for it's "OMG" moments~the pitchfork, the baby, the finger, etc. Nothing is graphic. I think picturing it is so much worse!

    John Ritter has only a small role in it, so he's definitely not the selling point. The twin boys and Uta Hagen as their grandmother, plus Diana Muldaur as their mother, are the main focus.

    This film definitely is worth viewing, and holds up to repeat viewings, especially after you know the big surprise. I think it's rather like the novel/films "Turn of the Screw" (of which "The Innocents" is best), in that there are layers of interpretation.

    I recall seeing this at the drive-in and watch it a number of times every year, having lost count of viewings long ago.

    "Holland, where is the baby?!"

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    Freaked me out as a kid, and freaked me out even more as an adult, after I'd become familiar with the work of Carl Jung; knowing the human propensity for pushing our dark, "shadow" side onto the "other" as a defense mechanism.

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    I had no idea he was in that movie.

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