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life span of wheat plant? HELP PLEASE?!!!?

ok i need to know quick because i need to turn my project i tomorrow and i need to go to bed right now. and whenever i looked up the life span of wheat, i couldnt find ANYTHING!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!?

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    About 5 months from the time it's planted until it is harvested.

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    Anna is right, they are trying to make a perennial wheat by crossing Triticum (wheat) and various perennial type grasses. There's some chromosome issues (duh!) including different numbers between the two.

    So for now wheat is an annual grass grown for the grain (seed) after which the plant dies. (or turned under by the farmer). Life mentioned above varies a bit between spring or fall sown wheat, but you can say one growing season. The actual number of days varies, but is based on "growing degree days." GROWING DEGREE DAY: A form of degree day to estimate the approximate dates when a crop will be ready to harvest. One growing degree day occurs when daily mean temperature is one degree above minimum temperature required for growth of that specific crop. (Or the Max day temp + Min Day temp divided by 2, subtract 32) So a really warm summer will cause the wheat to ripen faster than a cooler than average summer.

    I'm thinking 2000+ growing degree days, minimum. Would that take 5 months? More math than I want to do tonight.

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    Well, most commercial wheat is harvested in one year. There is spring wheat, which is planted in the spring, and then harvested that fall. There is also winter wheat which is planted in the fall, and then harvested the next year.

    They are working on producing perennial wheat, but they haven't quite got it yet.

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