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What baseball bat should i get? TPX EXO. H2. or a OMAHA?

I HATE the catalyst i have its really unbalenced and hard to swing. i swing a 33/30 bat and i dont know much about the H2 and i like the exo's and in the past i loved the omahas but i dont understand why they are not used more if they are good. are the omahas cheap now or what? please help EXO.OMAHA. or H2..... i hope the H2 is balanced. i hope the Omaha last 2 years and has good pop. and i hope the EXO is dirty too

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    I am senor in high school and I have the red and yellow exo. it is the best bat out there it hits the ball a mile. And you like on some bats like sttealths or demarini's you have to hit it in the perfect spot for it to go anywhere. So yea exo is the way to go it is balanced out and just a perfect bat.

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    Go with the exo definitely. They have sooooo much pop especially when they're new. I'm also a high school senior and I've been using them since I was a sophomore. They have a big sweet spot and plus they just look tight! (go with the white one).

    The Omaha is a solid bat also and i've never even heard of a H2. If you're going to get one of these 3 bats then I would get the TPX EXO for sure.

  • Anne
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    I like the exo, my friend has it and I used it. I got a lot of solid hits with it. It's a really balanced bat.

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    I actually do not feel it issues so much. If you'll take a look at them out, see which one works the pleasant for you. Our son continually favored the Omaha bat, however you can realize which one feels correct for your fingers. Easton and Louisville are beautiful continually well.

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