Why was the Poisonwood Bible challenged?

the book is by Barbara Kingsolver and was banned in Port Washington, NY schools in 2001 but i cannot find out the reasons why.

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    It was probably because it was a book that focused on the religion of the characters and how it effected them in a 3rd world country. Schools today try to avoid anything religious, even if it is a good book. It also has the word 'Bible' in the title.

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    This is the only thing I could find on it:

    Kingsolver's perspectives on the imbalance of power, resources, and justice that exists in the Congo and elsewhere. On another level, the book may be read as a stab against patriarchy which may take forms in religious or racial bigotry. The tragic consequences of living with a diehard messianic but close-minded character of the missionary husband/father, Nathan Price, are highlighted in Kingsolver's work

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