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My internet is slow for my PC and sometimes randomly disconnects, please help?

Okay first off, I have a PC and Xbox 360 hooked up to a D-Link EBR-2310 wired router. I play xbox live which for those non-gamers, xbox live is playing online games with other people around the world with my xbox, anyways, I also have a 5 Mbps cable connection running to the router for the internet. When I'm on xbox live I don't have lag or disconnect at all, but when I want to go on the PC for casual surfing the web such as youtube, myspace, email, etc. The internet is fast for a couple web pages but then in a minute or so of surfing the web sometimes when I go to websites it takes for ever but it does not go to it, instead it says "Network Timeout" and so I try to refresh or go back but it does nothing it just stays there like a retard, so I exit the web browser which by the way is Firefox, and try again, and sometimes when I open Firefox it takes a long time for the homepage to come up and eventually it will say "Address not found" and My internet is perfectly fine though, every thing is connected, and then sometimes Network Magic pops up and says "internet disconnected", but only for my PC, but on xbox live I'm still talking to my friends and playing with them with no problem at all, So I'm starting to think my router is being gay, because when my cable modem is hooked up directly to the computer it does not do all this nonsense, it burns through web pages really fast like it should, so yeah the internet randomly disconnects from the PC and then a minute later Network Magic pops up again saying "internet connected" and yeah so overall, my internet on the PC is sometimes fast for a minute and then slows down and then disconnects and then re-connects even though my xbox live is still fine, please help me fix this problem and I'm terribly sorry for this long post but I had to be really specific to get the best answers out of you guys. Thanks.

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    Go to tools in firefox,delete all private data first.Click start,then run, type cmd and click ok.Type in ipconfig/flushdns and hit enter on your keyboard.If none of this helps,reset your router.Take a paper clip and push the reset button on the back until the power light turns orange or red and then let all the lights get back to normal.Open firefox and type in the search bar,it will take you too the router settings.Click setup,it will ask for a username and password,it's admin and password by default.Then click setup again,put in your username and password for your ISP and everything should be better.If doesn't take you to router settings,use or 1.2

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    Guess which store I would be seeing with receipt in hand fuming under the collar? I got it and it is a dog. Not what I was told when I made the purchase. So fix it or keep it and give me my money back. Or, if you are not "that mad yet"; you could try contacting the homepage website of that brand of machine and ask customer support. That means using that machine at the same time to do the inquiry. (As typing will be in KB not MB, and allow them techs there to check out your machine online. They can do a lot at their end or they give instructions of what you need to do to fixer up so it is "sweet".

  • Seeing as the problem seems to be your router, I would suggest updating its firmware, if possible. Here is a download link for your router's firmware:

    I hope this gets your router working properly!

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    Good luck!

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