what are really good thriller movies like joy ride, hitcher, and wrong turn ones like that?

i dont want major gory

i like thriller stuff

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    The Game with Michael Douglas


    I saw in the theater and was mezmerised throughout the whole movie. Very good thriller. If you are going to see it the avoid reading any spoilers

    Breakdown with Kurt Russel was good too


    Vanishing with Jeff Bridges is VERY good too.


    Neither of those are in the "horror" genre. But great thrillers that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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    Movies Like Joy Ride

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    what are really good thriller movies like joy ride, hitcher, and wrong turn ones like that?

    i dont want major gory

    i like thriller stuff

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    i love all horror movies/thrillers heres the horror list the classics like halloween nightmare on elm street friday the 13th scream last house on the left the omen the shining IT the mothman prophecies rosemary's baby the exorcist etc and the disturbing ones lol black christmas christine the blob cutting class the people under the stairs brainscan 1408 the hitcher disturbing behavior one missed call joy ride the number 23 the mist the fog dark water house of wax valentine wrong turn long time dead the wisher freddy vs jason the hills have eyes when a stranger calls swimfan disturbia 30 days of night 28 days/weeks later the grudge i know what you did last summer white noise the ruins cry wolf cherry falls bloody murder dr chopper all the boys love mandy lane silence the descent the haunting of molly hartley killer killer the signal vacancy rest stop 1&2 the tripper cabin fever mirrors prom night shutter quarantine the 3rd floor bikini bloodbath (haha) dark ride dead end death tunner final destination 1,2,3 saw 1-5 may silent hill P2 the exorcism of emily rose signs the 6th sense the strangers the eye the others the messengers darkness falls the ring texas chainsaw massacre salems lot the blair witch project and heres the good thrillers! panic room the brave one flight plan vantage point shattered (awesome movie) red eye disturbia final destination 1,2,3 memento (great movie) alien predator cold creek manor

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    wrong turn .....hmm...similiar ?? well there was gore so will run with same types of films like .....

    texas chainsaw massacre , hatchet , hills have eyes , that sorta stuff to watch is pretty much the same in my book [but i'd recommend hostel 1 and 2 aswell personally]

    what about watching the two original hitcher films first ??they were better than sean bean in the new one

    joy ride [am guessing you mean roadkill-steve zahn and paul walker ? -i am in aus thats the title we got] .....duel , blacktop , some good older films in same idea ??

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    it was the worst not scary at all its a new release and people may ssuggest it but its dumb

    this sounds weird but in my spanish class we are forced to watch horror movies and this one with sub titles is full on horrifyig its called the orphanage and its about a woman who use to be an orphan adopts a son and he goes missing youll see its rly good!!!

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    "Jeepers Creepers"- (the Hitcher With A Twist)

    "Sometimes They Come Back"

    "What Lies Beneath"




    "The Stepfather"

    "Nick of time"

    "5ive Days To midnight"

    "the Mist"

    "ROSE RED"

    "Phone Booth"


    "Deja VU"


    "The Sixth Sense"

    "The Others"

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