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Lewis Hamilton World Champion?

(This is more to the Mclaren and Ferrari fans and especially the REAL F1 fans but any other views are welcome) Will you all agree that there were TWO WDC this year? Forget conspiracy theories, bad luck and better cars, from what you have seen this year do you agree?

I don't want insults thrown back and forth or thumb down comments on valid points just because you dont agree with them, and keep the swearing to a minimum if you can, k?

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    definitely, i think lewis and felipe matched each other all season, they both had there fair share of dominant drives and mistakes so for there to be only 1 point seperating them i think thats pretty fair and i think lewis probably did deserve it overall, i dont think he would have handled it if the same thing had happened years in a row but massa was just as good, its impossible to say who the best driver was this season because there was nothing in it but i think the fact a driver as inexpereanced as lewis to come in, miss out by one point on his rookie season and win by one on his second is an incredible achievement, you can only imagine what he will do next year, even though next year is undoubtadly going to be more competitive i still think lewis will be in the title hunt as will massa, most probably alonso and kubica, raikkonen perhaps if he gets his game together and very possibly kovaleinen although he needs to settle, saying that hinda are suppose to have a brilliant car for next year but i think lewis and massa will definitely be in the hunt again next year

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    Hamilton does the pastime, says Schumacher by employing Alan 1st Earl Baldwin of Bewdley BARCELONA, would 11 (Reuters) - McLaren rookie Lewis Hamilton drew compliment from formulation One's maximum powerful driving force, seven situations champion Michael Schumacher, on Friday. The 22-365 days-previous Briton final month became the 1st driving force in the sport's historic previous to end his first 3 races on the rostrum and is in all probability to be a winner previously the season is out. "i think of he's doing an extremely good pastime," stated Schumacher, attending his first grand prix in view that retiring as a Ferrari driving force final October. "it is not a ask your self to me after seeing his races final 365 days in specific," further the German. Hamilton gained the GP2 help series in 2006. "it would desire to be a ask your self that he's so consistent, yet there you circulate. he's unquestionably arranged, he's rapid and he does the pastime."

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