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Texas Longhorns and Texas Tech?

How many of you guys think that that game was a bunch of bs i do and im still mad about it and what is the longhorns rank now

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    f*ck texas tech. they got lucky and played us at the end our ridiculous schedule of 4 top 11 teams in a row.

    i realize that the bcs rankings are not out yet, but a lot of the other polls are out, and i think they are so retarded. does anyone else not realize that texas just played 4 top 11 teams consecutively, and won all of them but the last one by one touchdown with one second to go????

    why are we dragged all the way down to number 5, behind penn st, and alabama. yes, penn and alabama are undefeated, but theyve played worthless teams and, the only decent team that penn played, ohio state, they almost to!

    aren't the new bcs rankings supposed to take into consideration the strength of a team's schedule???? why are teams, like penn state, who have played 1 team within the top 20, probably going to the national championship game???? and a team like alabama who hasnt played anyone decent?????

    i attend the university of texas at austin, so obviously i favor the longhorns, and this game has brought much distraught. but honestly, texas at #5????? and bama #1???????? penn #3??????? and florida ranked ahead of ou?? ou lost to texas, a great team. florida lost to no-namers!

    i think fair rankings, with real consideration on strength of schedule should look this:

    #1 Texas Tech

    #2 Texas

    #3 Oklahoma

    #4 Oklahoma St

    #5 Alabama

    #6 Penn St

    I think even putting bama and penn in #5, and #6 is too much, but honestly, all these other teams dont deserve to be ahead of texas.

    but its ok, because when tech loses to either ou, ok st, or both,

    and bama loses to lsu,

    and florida loses to bama in sec championship

    and penn state breezes through their easy, crappy schedule

    bcs will be retarded, and put penn st in championship game, and texas will get placed in championship game,

    and penn st will be slaughtered,

    and texas will be National Champions, once again.

    Put your horns up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Thanks for the question. My head says Longhorns but my heart says Texas Tech because you should always cheer for the underdogs. The University of Texas has traditionally been considered a college football powerhouse, with four national titles to their credit, including one to conclude the 2005-2006 season. From 1936 to 2004, the team finished the season in the top ten 23 times, or one-third of the time, according to the Associated Press. Texas Tech's greatest strength is in its basketball teams. I hope that the Red Raiders make you proud this year. Regards

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    Yeah it hurt.... Badly...

    I think Texas has a good shot still... Tech will lose to one of (or both) Oklahoma teams, so UT will still win the big 12 south. I predict Florida will beat Alabama in the SEC championship, Texas will win the big 12 championship, and a 1 loss Texas will play 1 loss Florida in the national title (leaving undefeated Penn State out and therefore penalizing the big 10 for not having a conference championship game).

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    That is why they call it college football. There is no telling what can happen on any given Saturday. The game was fantastic. Texas got off to a really slow start, caught up and just couldn't hold it. Texas has nothing to be ashamed of. Tech was just better last night. If they play again,,,, who knows. Same can be said of Texas and OU play again.. who knows. Don't be mad, after all it's just football... WOW did I say that?

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    Honestly lucky Tech didn't run over you some more. They kind of played a little lack-luster on offense in the third/fourth quarter'ish when they were up

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    i do, it sucked for me to watch them lose and now da longhorns r ranked #5, they would be given a chance, i mean they have been facing like 5 st8 top 15 teams in da nation.......

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    I was there and was one of those ANTS that rushed the field.

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