Are there any services that are established to help Costa Rican immigrants in Canada?

I need this info for a project, but the person from the embassy wasn't much help. Know of any services to aid Costa Rican immigrants in Canada?

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    1 decade ago
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    there are many services for all immigrants - Canada does not have services for certain language or ethnic groups. That is racist.

    this is the biggest one - for ALL immigrants

    this is for all of Canada

    this is for Toronto - the biggest city

    forum for all immigrants to ask and answer questions - including sections on housing, education, jobs and health

    There are also settlement services in each province and territory so you would need to google those yourself depending on which province you wish to settle in.

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    1 decade ago

    Yes there are, to get to these offices, you just take the intercontinental expressway heading south-from where ever you are in Canada, and you drive for about 4,000 miles south-remember now, don`t stop along the way, just keep driving 4 thousand miles and you will find these offices you asked about....and bon voyage from all Canadians, and don`t come back.

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