Was Roe v. Wade a bad decison by the Supreme Court?

according to McCain, yes it was.


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  • M o
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    1 decade ago
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    No, I don't believe it was. It set an important legal precedent (that is now being challenged and chipped away, unfortunately). Some of the most important aspects were a) legalizing abortion. Women will get abortions, legal or not, and by making it legal, the procedures are better regulated and performed in safer, more sterile ways; b) along with other cases (such as Doe v. Bolton, Planned Parenthood of SE PA v. Casey), it required that any law restricting abortion would carry an exception for the mother's health (which the federal Partial birth abortion ban act of 2003 violates--though nearly the same concept was ruled unconstitutional in Stenberg v. Carhart, then reversed when Sandra Day O'Connor left the bench, and Samuel Alito filled the gap in Gonzales v. Carhart), and above all else, c) it gives a woman the right to determine the course of her life and the role she plays in society.

    Source(s): See cases mentioned above.
  • kar
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    4 years ago

    He did no longer disagree with the wonderful court docket. He made a stupid assertion that: "i'm beneficial that the wonderful court docket won't take what could be an fantastic, fantastic step of overturning a regulation that became handed by utilising a sturdy majority of a democratically elected Congress." He became attempting to intimidate the Judicial branch. that's what we get while we pick a racist ex-crackhead Marxist to the Oval workplace. the two Obama is stupid or he has a getting to know incapacity if he finished regulation college and then makes that idiotic assertion. If overturning a regulation is fantastic, then clarify what the wonderful court docket has been doing for the final 209 years? I see you nonetheless revert to attack mode once you won't be in a position to respond to an answer. You and Captain 0 have plenty in person-friendly while it includes lack of ability to formulate a cogent reaction.

  • yes it was.

    That is the most evil thing to do.

    A devil does this. Why kill an unborn baby?

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