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How many nuclear bombs would it take to kill everyone in the U.S.?

I do not plan on killing everyone in the U.S. just me and my friend had an arguement and he said that if a nuclear bomb went off in massachusetts then i have the ability of die ing in florida. So if anyone knows how many?

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    It would depend on the size (yield) of the nuke and where they were placed. But it would take many; maybe hundreds; to kill everyone in the US. Tell your Mass. to Florida friend that the US set off more than 200 above ground nukes with yields in the Megaton range in the 1950s. Many of them in the Nevada desert. And except, sadly, for some cancer deaths later in life, people outside of the test site were not affected.

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    I was busy being lost as I wondered around the inter-net when I found this question. I noticed that the last answer was seven years ago. This site seems to have a half life of one of the bombs being discussed. It could be put into a time machine or protective vault and be opened by the next life forms to find it. Albert Eisenstein was once asked something like 'how would WW III be fought?' He touted something akin to 'I don't know but WW IV would be fought with sticks and stones' A lot of thought in that man.

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    Depends upon size of bomb, type of bomb, height of detonation, fallout patterns, time of year, etc.

    One big bomb will not do it. Even if the Tzar Bomb is used it only has a blast radius of a few hundred miles. Fallout would go down wind. etc.

    If I was in charge of targeting and really wanted to wipe out the USA, I would use dirty bombs, I would hit each major American city with an air detonation to increase blast effect. That alone would take about 50 bombs.

    I would also drop one into each of the Great Lakes to get the tidal wave effect. That would be 5 more.

    I would drop a bomb at the head of each of the major rivers to contaminate the water supply all the way to the ocean. I would also take out every major dam in the USA to cause river flooding. Figure about 25 bombs for both.

    Just for an experiment I would drop one on each major volcano in California, Oregon and Washington state. Also Long Valley, CA and Yellowstone, the site of the two potential super volcanoes. Maybe I will get a volcano to go off which will really add to the damage. Figure about 15 for that.

    Lastly, just to ensure the US Navy is out of it, I would hit all major ports and the mothball fleets. Figure 25 there.

    Add them all up. 120 bombs. Do this in the fall just before winter hits. The increased dust in the air will cause a nuclear winter and add that to the regular winter those who are not prepared will freeze to death. Of course, the USA will probably shoot back so my nation would be in just as bad of shape.

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    There are not enough nuclear weapons on earth, to kill everyone in the US.

    Nuclear inventories, are only a fraction of what they were during the cold war.

    The largest study ever done about the effects of nuclear war, were done by the Rand Corporation in the mid 1980's.

    They estimated that in a full scale nuclear war, that 14,000 warheads would be used.

    That it would cause a nuclear winter, that would last 3 years before the atmosphere started to clear.

    That 40% of the worlds population would die from direct effects of the nukes, radiation, starvation or diease.

    A nuclear weapons has a killing radius of around 113 sq miles.

    The US has 3.7 million sq miles.

    So you would need around 32,700 nuclear weapons.

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    lol. no it wouldnt extend from massachusets to Florida.

    thats insane.That type of range is crazy. there are 6 billion people in the world. we have enough nuclear bombs to kill 8 billion. but you would need a meteor to hit in mass. to kill you in Florida, but not a nuclear bomb, lol. but to kill everyone in the US, it would take ummm about 60-80. to kill everyone in the world, i dont know

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  • If that many bombs were set off it would eventually destroy the worlds environment >> = MAD

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    I think one in each state, and twon in the big states just to make sure every one is dead.

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    It depends..

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