Baby name amusement - Just to pass the time...?

OK - Let's say that you had to choose a meaningful name for your child - what would it be? Here are the rules:

~ Please choose 2-4 girl names and 2-4 boy names

(first and middle - you can use two middle names if you wish, but each name must meet one of the two requirements below.)

~ The first OR middle name MUST be after a family/friend or someone meaningful to your life - One of the names MUST be after a family/friend...

(ex. You could use you first or middle name, your best friend's, etc. You could also use Cosette instead of Nicholas because they both have essentially the same meaning - Nicholas is "victory of the people" and Cosette is "Victorious People". Also, you could chose to name a daughter Darcy and a son Bronte if you were fond of the novel and author...)

~ The first/middle name that is not after a family/friend (if you chose to not name after a family/friend in both names) MUST be a name that you like the meaning of or has a special meaning to you - Please let us know why the name is special for you.

~ Finally - state your resources (if you use Nicholas/Cosette - show where you found the meanings, etc.)

10 points to the person who most completely answers the question :-)

p.s. I'll provide my answer in a bit :-)


Elizabeth Rose - Elizabeth because I have always loved the name (from the time I read Little Women as a young girl) and my hubby also loves the name. Rose after my MIL's middle name, her daughter's middle name and her granddaughter's middle name. Also, my maternal grandmother's name is Rosie, and so this name would honor her also...

Katherine Suzanna - Katherine is a name that my husband and I both love (I also like how it is similar to my aunt - Kathleen - but not identical). Suzanna is my name, my father's mother's name, and a family name on my father's side...

Thomasina Elaine - Thomasina is a name that I really love, and could be considered a feminine version of my step dad's name (Thomas). Elaine is my mother's middle name...

Update 2:

Matthew Michael (first son!) - Matthew is a name that I have always loved, and is after father's best friend. Michael is my hubby's first name (also, my hubby's middle name is his father's first name - so we continued/started a family tradition there...)

Benjamin Thomas - Benjamin is my maternal grandfather, Thomas is my step dad.

William Sebastian - William is my father's middle name, and Sebastian is a name that I have always loved!

Update 3:

Thought that I would add second son's name/meaning...

Nathaniel Xavier - Neither are after anybody, but both have great meaning for us. It was the first boys name we agreed upon way back in the dating stage of our relationship. The only reason our first-born wasn't named this was that I really wanted to make sure that we got Daddy's name on his son :-)

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    EmmaLynn Denise

    Alexis Jo


    Hamilton Palmer

    Perry Hunter

    OK so EmmaLynn is a combination...Emma because my cousin [well shes not a real cousin but ive known her since she was born so shes kinda like my cousin/sister

    Lynn because its a family name

    Alexis from Lexi, my friend's lil sister who i love to peices

    Jo because i call my dad joe...

    Hamilton is a family name [my brothers first name, fathers middle, grandpa's middle, great grandpa's first, great great grandpa's first, i could go on forever]

    Palmer is my best guy friend's last name

    Perry after Katy Perry

    Hunter after Erin Hunter, author of the Warriors series....

    Katy Perry is my favorite singer and Erin Hunter is the author of my favorite books ;]

    hopefully i did that right...and btw great game :]

    Source(s): has the meanings to al the names i picked if your curious...i was! haha it did affect what names i picked, because i looked up my mom's name [deena] and it meant judged, so i didnt think it would be a good idea ;}
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  • 1 decade ago

    Sarah Helen


    Ashley Estelle

    James Michael

    William Steven

    Joshua Andrew

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Diana Taylor~~We have a family friend named Diane and Diana has the same meaning and I love the name Diana. Taylor is a family last name.

    Mallory Carter~~I love the name Mallory and Carter is a family last name.

    Olivia Paige~~Olivia is my name and I love the name Paige.

    Kari Grace~~My friend's name is Kari and I have a family friend named Grace and it's also a family name.

    Jacob William~~I had a very good friend named Jacob. William is a family name.

    Gabriel (Gabe) Charles~~I love the name Gabriel and Charles is a family name.

    Samuel (Sam) David~~Love the name Sam. David is a family name.

    Anthony John~~I have a friend named Anthony and John is a family name.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I always loved the name Kianna, Christina, and Nila for a girls name,

    and for a boys name I'm not really sure. The names that you picked are pretty nice. I like Cosette the most though.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    Evelyn Rachel

    Marilyn Greer

    Evelyn is my great- grandmother and Marilyn is my grandmother

    Rachel is my best friend who lives far away and Greer is my BFF who lives down the street


    Thomas Kick

    Finley Cole

    Thomas is my grandfather's name and Finley is the surname of my aunt. Kick is cool because I am an avid soccer player, and Cole is my best friend.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Savannah Nancy(if a girl 1st) -middle name after my nana

    Hannah Joy -First name off of Jon and Kate Plus 8 haha i love the name!

    Collin Michael(if a boy 1st) - Collin is off Jon and Kate plus 8 and Michael is named after a family friend!

    Aiden Joseph - Aiden off of jon and kate plus 8 and Joseph is my fiance's middle name!

    Source(s): 12 weeks pregnant :)
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  • Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    Sarah Rivka Jordyn- I love the name Sarah, It is the only name i've loved for many years on end. It means Princess!!!!!!!:):):)!!!!!! Rivka was my (And is) my paternal grandma. Rivka means ties or bound and is a variant of Rebecca. Jordyn is a variant of my brothers name. I think the Y makes it more feminine. Jordan means to desend down. It is also a river

    Sophia Elit Shaked- I love the name Sophia. Still debating whether i like Sofia or Sophia, better, what do you think? Elit is my mom's name. Sophia means Wisdom as does Sofia. I don't know what Elit Means. Shaked means almond and is my sister pronouced (Sha-k-ed)

    Katelyn Pola Oran- Katelyn is my favorite spelling of the name. It's just so cute!!! Pola was the name of my beloved maternal grandmother who recently (in January) passed away, Pola means Pearl, and my paternal (dads, moms, mom) great-grandma's name was Pnina it means Pearl as well. Oran is my Cousin.

    Leah Miriam Nina- Leah is such a lovely name the only thing that i hate about it is that it means weary or ewe. My aunts name is Miriam, she goes by Miri (Me-ree). Miriam means bitter so it isn't a very nice meaning either. Nina rhymes with my great-grandmas name Pnina

    Samuel Isaac Ofek- Samuel is a lovely name. It means Heard by g-d or Asked by g-d. I like the nickname Sam. Isaac is my fathers name. he goes by Zach. Ofek (Oh-fek) is my cousin (his sister is Oran).

    Benjamin Arie Daniel- Benjamin means son of mine, right hand. Arie is my grandfathers name it means lion of g-d, and Don is a name of a family friend's son who died when he was 32 days old.

    Antonio Tzvi Eli- Antonio can go by Tony. Antonio means Priceless, and that is what life is. Tzvi means elk and is my maternal grandpa's name he too has passed on. Eli (eel-i) is similar to my moms name

    Andrew Thomas Zeke- Andrew means strong and manly. He can go by Andy or Drew. Thomas means "Twin" it is similiar to my name, Tom, (and i'm a girl AND a twin AND my name isn't Thomasina) and Zeke is similar to my dads nickname Zach

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    Lincoln Russell (Lincoln after a long-time friend and Russell after the pastor that married my husband and I)

    Garrett Henry (Garrett after a Dutch family surname and Henry after my grandfather)


    Michaela Faith (Michaela after my best friend Kayla and Faith after my cousin)

    Evelyn Aria (Evelyn after my mother and Aria because it means song in Italian and I am a classically trained singer)

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  • Nicole Krista - my best friend's name is nicole, and i grew up christian, which is what krista means.

    Noelle Carlie - my grandmother's name was noelle, and carlie is the shortened form of carlotta, which is means free.

    Caden Tyler - tyler is my older brother's name, and caden means fighter.

    Bradley Cole - bradley is my uncle's name, and cole means victory of the people

    the meanings don't mean as much to me as the way they sound.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Elizabeth ViElla Caroline

    (Elizabeth is my middle name, ViElla is my mothers, and Caroline is of my best friends names.)

    Saul Eric Gregory

    (Saul is a cool name, Eric is my fathers name, and Gregg is my uncles name.)

    No resources. Just my head.

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