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Does anyone know games that are just like second life or better?

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    Second Life is a virtual world. There are other games that are virtual worlds.

    Entropia Universe

    Areae Inc.

    Outback Online

    Sims Online


    If you're looking more for a chat room



    Software to create a virtual space

    Adobe Atmosphere

    Here is a good link for more:

    This is what slgames had to say:

    "Alternatives To Second Life

    March 5, 2007

    [Edit April 12 2007 - This list has been updated, re-written, expanded, sorted, and re-mixed with videos. Check it out at Alternatives To Second Life - Uber Edition! ]

    Let me start this off by stating that I have no interest in the “world vs. platform” debate. It’s boring and played out, so don’t you dare try to draw me in. What I’m trying to do here is answer the simple question:

    Where are the best candidates as viable alternatives to Second Life?

    In order to answer this question, I’ve come up with the three things that in my opinion make Second Life irreplaceable at the moment. Since these are entirely formed from my little brain, we’ll call them “Onder’s Big Three”. They are:

    1. Cash transactions must be easy and readily accommodated flowing both into and out from the system.

    2. Users must be able to create unique content and retain some form of ownership over it.

    3. The fabric of the world itself must be possible to affect. IE: land ownership, room decoration, or some other content that remains viable even when the player who created it is logged off. (”Pervasive” is the word I’m groping for here…)

    I guess one last note here: devkits don’t count. To even make it into this list it has to be a running, functioning environment that people can walk into, not a tool for developers only. Let’s take a look at the candidates:

    HiPiHi - Chinese only right now. The YouTube demo reel shows very many SL-like things like custom avatars and building. It remains mysterious as far as economics or whether or not you can upload files to the world. They’re in closed beta so we’ll just have to wait and see.

    Point 1 - No idea.

    Point 2 - You can definitely create, but uploading is unknown and ownership is unknown.

    Point 3 - Definitely.

    Here, check out the demo reel. Anybody know if there’s an English translation of the voice-over somewhere?

    Entropia Universe - This is an MMORPG, granted, but with a twist: the money is easily transferred in and out of the world. In Entropia you develop skill points, get armor/weaponry and fight monsters. You can also go mining and participate in the active markets trading in-world materials. The trick, of course, is coming away from a hunt/crafting activity/mining excursion/trade having made more money than you spent doing it. The client is quite a bit more stable than SL’s, but there isn’t any scripting and creating unique content is quite difficult. Despite this it scores reasonably well in the Big Three:

    Point 1 - Yes, very easily. They even had a RL bank card at one point.

    Point 2 - With difficulty, yes users can create unique content. Unsurprisingly the best example of this is in the fashion industry.

    Point 3 - Land ownership, buildings and general self-expression are restricted, but not completely impossible. Expect a major expense to leave your mark here.

    This is a video overview hosted by a lady wearing some weird thing…

    Areae Inc. - They’re being very secretive, but seem determined to create a space that marries Web 2.0 (social networking sites like MySpace and YouTube) with Web 3.0 (immersive user-created environments like Second Life). They have an all-star cast of advisers, but so far we know very little else. Check out their press page for interviews with the owner.

    Point 1 - No idea.

    Point 2 - Possibly unheard of abilities to create content, although we have no idea about ownership.

    Point 3 - No idea.

    Outback Online - Promises to be just like SL but also with multiple planets. They claim being able to get 10,000 users in one area, console based clients as well as PC and Mac, and some kind of distributed networking scheme to run the whole thing. No other info is available really, but they’re accepting beta applications.

    Point 1 - Uncertain, but seems likely.

    Point 2 - Yes, but specific details are sparse.

    Point 3 - Unknown.

    The Sims online - Works well, obviously, but has limitations. Movement around the world is locked down, communication is difficult, and creativity is limited to the objects and textures they provide. The economy is locked down too.

    Point 1 - You pay your monthly subscription and that’s it. If you want to make money here you’re doing it through eBay or an equivalent.

    Point 2 - You own everything you create, but you upload nothing and you can’t build from scratch.

    Point 3 - This stays true. Your house is there, in the neighborhood, with all of your stuff. You can’t really affect much elsewhere, though.

    There - It’s been around for a few years, and does well with the teen crowd.


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