Anime poll #74: What if your favorite anime character died! How would you handle getting a new favorite?

That would totally suck if Konata just kinda fell over dead O.O I think i would be sad if she did but I would try to pick a new favorite character, with a similar personality. Or just have my 2nd favorite anime character as my new one ^_^

BoNuS qUeStIoN:

lol Thats funky^^^^^

What would you do if I gave you a squirrel and told you to keep him because he will come in handy in the future?

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    1 decade ago
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    If my favorite anime character died id be a little upset but i stay commited like Heihachi for samurai 7 died and hes my fav but he's still my fav.


    Am not sure i would keep a squirrel i hate them!!!!!!!!

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  • 4 years ago

    So im kinda not creative today so I am making this!!!!! Ok its not really a poll but its just something to do for fun ^_^ Everyone loves fun..right???? *copy and paste or...or...or ELSE* Name of favorite anime character: Sachiko from Maria sama gamiteru Does your favorite anime character...... Wear make-up:no Wear jewelry:sometimes Have long hair:yes :) Wears purple: her hair ir dark purple :DDD Go to school:Yes a private catholic school Have a Girl/Boyfriend:no, she hates men for what her father and grandfather has done. Own a weapon:no, shes not violent. Is considered smart:she is very smart and admired by the students. Wears a skirt:no, she wears a long dress to school. Have a word/phrase they say all the time (plz list what it is): Yumi (Her petite soeur) Is an animal(example: inuyasha):nope. Talks alot:no she keeps to herself most of the time. She does talk to the fellow roses though. And she does not talk to men at all. She hates them and are afraid of them. Is shy:Not really And list things that makes them your favorite: Pretty smart sweet unique sisterhood bonds diffrent :DDDDD Bonus Question: Whats your favorite party snack? Finger sandwichs :DDD

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  • 1 decade ago

    omg my heart! I would be the most depressed person on earth for like a day and a half, then I would remember that I could dream about Byakuya and he would still be alive. There would be no need for another favorite.

    But if I just wanted to continue to see my favorite character in action constantly, I would still have Sesshomaru.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'm a HUUUUUGGGEEEE Kakashi fan, so i'll practically be on edge till thursday when they reveal if he's alive or not.

    I've already thought about this, and i've decided that if Kakashi dies, i'm done with the naruto series.

    I love naruto...its the first series that i became really dedicated to, and as of now it's my favorite.

    But if Kakashi dies....


    I'm done.

    Maybe that doesn't make me a true fan, but hey!

    In my book, Kakashi comes before Naruto.

    I wouldn't choose a new favorite character.

    Kakashi will always be my favorite! ^^


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i would cry if Naruto died. i mean i almost cried i though he was going to give up on the test lol. Then i would have to move to my second favorite. But i will always rememeber my first. XD

    Bonus: lmao i would laugh so hard. and look at you like (what the beep?) and i would tak the squirrel and name it Kiba and wait for it to like do magic or help me with my geometry


    thanks for the survey lol

    now you got secret squirrel stuck in my head lol

    will he have a fancy theme song like this one? XD

    Youtube thumbnail

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  • Sher.
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    my friends response:


    Watch previous episiodes before they died


    Like I did with deathnote


    I have a lot of favorite anime characters



    i get addicted to anime shows really fast

    BoNuS qUeStIoN:

    keep the squirrell

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    L did die! T_T but he's still my fave character

    and if i can't have a dead character as my favorite i would pick my 2nd favorite, konata :]


    I'd b like: O_O

    and i say: YAYYY!! SQUIRREL!!! =P

    then i'd run off like an idiot with the squirrel in my hands

    and i'd feed him peanut butter! =D

    and his name would b armando

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  • My favourite anime chara did indeed die in the *SailorStars* season,and I cried terribly.But,she did come back,so it's all good.

    Regardless,Kaioh Michiru will alwayz be my fave character.


    I'd keep the squirrel as a pet,and feed and water and take care of him.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yeah, the same. But, the sad part is, I won't cry unless special circumstances will allow me to.

    BoNuS qUeStIoN:

    Agree lol

    I'll keep him in the house, make him as a friend, give him a nice comfy bed, food, water, and whatnot.

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  • i would pick another but i have a fav charcter 4 each anime but some people have fav out of all so i would chose my 2nd best character

    i would keep the squirrel untill i i get anoyed with it

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