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Is there anything math related in film?

I need to do a math essay and I want to do it on anything on film. Thanks.

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    Proof, A Beautiful Mind, The Davinci Code, Sneakers, Stand and Deliver (an excellent film in my opinion), Enigma, Contact, Good Will Hunting, and there was some movie a long time ago, like back in the 70s that starred Jill Clayburgh, but I can't remember the name.

    Of course there was also a recent TV show called Numbers.

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    Good question!

    Apart from movies that loosely deal with math as a topic, perhaps the number one TECHNICAL area that deals with mathematics is Cinematography.

    Almost everything related to lighting and exposure is math related. Lens settings, lighting units (the types of lights), filters, exposures, shutter settings, frame rates.... all that and more are math related and directly influence the ART of film.

    There is so much to know and this forum isn't the best place to explain it all. There are a great many Cinematography books available that will help explain everything you need to know. Also, visit and to read and discuss real world issues with professional Cameramen from around the world. Also click on the "Additional Resources" link at the top of for access to a myriad of filmmaking resources.

    Brian Dzyak


    IATSE Local 600, SOC

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    Good Will Hunting, A Beautiful Mind, 21 (which I haven't seen yet), episodes of Numb3rs from NBC TV. A Beautiful Mind would be my pick. Add World War II movie, Enigma. (Jill Clayburgh's movie is It's My Turn, evidently.)

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    There's also a movie called cube, in which the actors use math to solve the maze they are in.

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    Pi is loosely (but not particularly accurately) mathematical - great film though

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