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why do my hands shake alot?

Why do my hands shake alot?

its not a nerve thing or a weather cold thing ive had it for a couple of years now im continuously shaking and im only 15.

I eat plenty of sugar too :)

could it be a symtom of diabeates?

also i drum alot and tap with hands..

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    Familial Tremor or essential tremor. i started to suffer from this as a teen. it seems to shake worse at inconvenient times such as when i'm trying to eat. or it shakes worse when i am excited. it can be quite embarrassing. my shakes would get worse when some one would point it out. i have familial tremor, meaning that other family members share this hereditary ailment. it is a dominant gene meaning if you acquire the gene from only one family member you will have it. and you have a 50-50 chance of passing it to your child en. it is not life threatening. its more of a nuisance. who else in your family shakes? mom, dad, brother or sister? google it. i am 35 and i just got a name for this mystery problem that i've had for is a neurological disorder.

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