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How can Barack Hussein Obama be the president if he was born in Kenya?

I thought that was against the constitution.

His OWN GRANDMOTHER says it in this video. Also old photos of him as well.

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(I'm not a McCain supporter either, I'm just questioning how Barack can be the president)


Yeah McCain born in Panama too! Unreal. This is completely unconstitutional.

Update 2:



Update 3:

EDIT: It matters because he will "swear to protect and defend the constitution" if he becomes the president. How can we believe him if he disobeyed the constitution that states "Only natural born U.S. citizens can become president".

Update 4:

He was not born in HI. His own grandmother in this video says he was born in Kenya. Doesn't your grandmother know where you were born? That is just plain logic.

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    My grandmother swears the CIA are out to get it must be true, huh?

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    The answer is that he couldn't be the President in that case. It's a good thing that's not the case. I have to say who cares what Obama's grandmother (that he had next to zero contact with) says. When a candidate declares for the Presidency, both the DNC and the RNC require proof that the candidate meets the standards in the Constitution. That was done, long ago. Even the right wing internet rag World Net Daily is finally acknowledging Obama was born in Hawaii - and they tried mightily to prove otherwise. So, I guess your concern, ahem, as a non-McCain supporter, can be discarded.

    And...there is nothing "unreal" about McCain either. He was born on a U.S. military base in Panama. Per our laws he is then an American citizen. Such hysterics over such non-issues.


    Listen, believe anything you wish. I'll stick to reality and proven facts. It's a proven FACT that Obama was born in Hawaii. You wanting desperately to believe otherwise won't change that a bit. You are relying on a woman who doesn't even know her grandson for your information and discarding proven facts. Why? Because you desperately want to believe this claptrap. That's actually quite sad.

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    Obama is NOT a natural born citzen of the USA

    There is no original documantation or copies showing Barack born at any hospital in Hawaii

    The Image of Barack Certifcate of live birth on factcheck has had the certifcate numbers blacked out

    which invalidates the document

    Factcheck is owned by a company that Barack Obama was once on the board

    There is original documation of Obama's birth at the COAST PROVINCIAL GENERAL HOSPITAL in Mobasso Kenya witnessed by 3 people including Obama's kenyan grandmother who has testified on tape that Obama was born in Kenya

    Here is a link to one of the videos with Obama's paternal grandmother

    Lawsuit Info:

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    on both counts, they are citizens, regardless of where they were born.

    McCain, because of a federal law established in 1937 that states that an person born in the canal zone who's mother, father, or both were American citizens, is themselves a citizen. (it was retroactive, so McCain, who was born before that is still considered a citizen.)

    Obama might be a bit trickier, because of the marriage aspect of it, but I suspect that even if he was born in a foreign country (which he wasn't), his citizenship would be held up in court. Because his mother was American, he pretty much becomes an American citizen automatically no matter where he was born. I would look at Supreme Court cases like Tuan Anh Nguyen v. INS, that relate to the gender of the parent and citizenship. Because his mother was clearly an American citizen, he also would automatically be considered a citizen.

    It's confusing, but regardless of where they were born, I'm pretty sure that their citizenship, (natural-born) would be upheld in court, and hence they would be able to run for the presidency.

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    His maternal grandmother says Hawaii, his birth certificate says Hawaii, the people in charge are ok with it and so are everyone who knows anything, give it up. He is the best candidate and is qualified.

    His paternal grandmother says he is a son of the village, someone chose to translate it to born in the village, i'm glad to finally find out why this keeps persisting.Its another example of slanting the truth.

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    Yes...unbelievable isn't it! All Obama's records have been sealed by the Secy of State of Hawaii...He has never been vetted or investigated like McCain for proof of citizenship etc....and the media let him get away with it! Because they wanted a black President even if he was not qualified....McCain was born in Panama to U.S. American citizens and his father was in the military so that means he is still an American citizen...He was vetted and approved..All his medical records; school records and papers were shown to the media...but Obama? No he goes by a different standard...He gets away with everything..and everyone is keeping quiet; the press, the state department; the FBI; everyone...So who knows...I don't that is for sure...

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    Yeah... you are not a McCain Supporter rite???

    but you are calling him Barack Hussein Obama

    go get a life....

    your probably like 15 years old

    well guess what? you cant voteee

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    Even if it were true, he could still be president. McCain was born in Panama. Both are natural citizens because both were born to American parents. The opposite of that is "naturalized," someone who has applied for citizenship.

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    Don't believe everything you hear. A lot of rumors are given by biased people.

    Barack was born in Hawaii.

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    He wasn't he was born in Hawaii and both candidates qualify as natural born citizens as laid down in The Constitution.

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    Because for the MILLIONTH time, he was born in HAWAII. And in case you don't realize this - Hawaii is one of the United States.

    P.S. Did you know that McCain was born in Panama? Oh nooooooo!

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