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what if someone never gets out of the denial stage of grief?

There are supposed to be five stages of grief. What if someone gets stuck at the first stage for 5 years or more. What next?

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    Presumably they stay the same, they don't develop, they are fixed - they pursue an artificial simple view of the world in order to sustain the denial. However, dividing grief into stages is not an exact science, but more of a supposition, an attempt to look at it in an organised, possibly over-controlled or incorrect, way. A person suffering denial is doing something similar - an organised response to organise reality.

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    The first thing you should is to stop and forget about the stages a of grief People deal with grief differently, because everyone is different. I suggest you find someone you to about why you are grieving. Whether it's a close friend, relative, or maybe even someone that is professionally able to help you cope through your loss.

  • Lou
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    I don't know how they can deny that someone has died they would have at least went to the funeral and been to the cemetery.

    Maybe they are stuck in another of the 5 stages, I am a big believer in the 5 stages I think having a system works.

  • John F
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    It really depends on the person and what they are grieving over. If its something like a family death that they cannot get over I would strongly recommend seeking professional help. If its a breakup or a matter that isn't severe I would just take them to a local bar or a dance club, cheer them up and show them that life is still fun without their ex.

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